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Next Tad jerked the mountaineer's revolver from its holster and cast it into the bushes. Then he tied the man's ankles together, after which he straightened up and wiped the sweat from his face and forehead. "Whew! Warm, isn't it, Ned?" "Rather," drawled Rector. "Warmer for some folks than others. It came near being pretty warm for you.

Willis did not know the true meaning of the words, but Old Ben did, and it was now his turn to talk. "Tad, I've knowed ye for a tarnal lot o' years, hain't I? An', Tad, they ain't a soul on earth as would do fer ye as me. I've lived a life myself, Tad, an' I ain't so big a fool as ye are about some things." Ben pulled a piece of the ore from his pocket and held it up for inspection.

But we all will sleep out-of-doors, most likely, every night after we get started. In the meantime, I would suggest that we practice riding that is, form ourselves into a sort of company with a regular captain. I move that Tad Butler be made captain, and he can drill us." "You don't need to make that motion," announced Ned, springing to his feet, full of excitement.

It was good fun skating with Ted, and, as Dolly told him, he reminded her a little of her friend, Tad Brown. "Any kin of Muriel's?" "No, a boy in Berwick. He has a twin brother, Tod." "Great names! Tadpole and Toddlekins, in full, I suppose." "They are called those sometimes. Oh, Mrs. Graham is beckoning to us. We must go." They joined Mrs.

Dave was glad that he had swallowed "Young Ed's" incivility, not only for his own sake, but for the sake of Alaire. After all, he argued, it was barely possible that Ed had spoken the truth. There WERE many sorrel horses; the evidence of those rain-washed hoof-prints was far from conclusive; even the fact that Urbina belonged to the Tad Lewis outfit was no more than a suspicious circumstance.

"Because my father is a lawyer, and he says when a fellow doesn't know his own mind, you can make him agree to 'most any old thing," answered Ned with a laugh. By this time they had reached their destination. Though keenly interested in the conversation of his companions Tad leaped to the ground, tying his horse without an instant's delay, and proceeded to the house to deliver his merchandise.

Bunny and Sue, with Uncle Tad and their boy and girl chums, moved out into the aisle, and soon the men began the work of fastening the skylight back in place. And you may be sure they fastened it tight. While this is being done I will take a few moments to tell my new readers something about the two Brown children. As you may have guessed, there are other volumes which come before this one.

"Oh, no," laughed Tad. "I knew there must be some way out, for I found a moccasin track down there in the sand before I turned in last night." "You must have pretty good eyes to find a moccasin track in the dark," laughed Ned. "I did not say it was dark. I made the discovery before that." "Tell us about it," urged Walter.

But considerable persuasion was necessary to induce Juan to take a spoonful of the Professor's medicine. He had already had one sample of it and he did not want another. Yet after some urging he tasted of the oil, at first gingerly; then he took it down at a gulp. "Ah!" he breathed. "Is it good?" grinned Tad. "Si. Much burn, much burn," he explained, rubbing his stomach.

But then it was not intended for children, so it did not matter. But men and women passing in the street and pausing to read what Uncle Tad had printed, seemed to think it was odd, for they stopped, read it, laughed or chuckled, and then either passed on or came in and bought some oatmeal. And quite a few came in, so that by night Mrs. Golden had sold nearly all of the cereal.