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The Queen was urged by Lord Hervey to speak to her son privately, and endeavor to induce him not to declare open war upon his father. The Queen would not do anything of the kind. She declared that her speaking to her son would only make him more obstinate than ever, and that he was such a liar that it would not be safe for her to enter into any private conference with him.

Some heads of the reformers in Scotland, such as the earl of Argyle, his son Lord Lorne, the earls of Morton and Glencarne, Erskine of Dun, and others, observing the danger to which they were exposed, and desirous to propagate their principles, entered privately into a bond or association; and called themselves the "congregation" of the Lord, in contradistinction to the established church, which they denominated the congregation of Satan.

"Why?" they asked indignantly. "For two reasons," said Hester. "One is that it is, of course, 'fresh woods. Anyone ought to know that. "That doesn't matter," said Gregory. "We met a jolly decent clergyman." What Hester's great business had been Janet soon learned, for as soon as they were alone Hester slipped some sheets of paper into Janet's hand and asked her to read them very privately.

Some said, "If Robin Hood were here, And all his men to boot, Sure none of them could pass these men, So bravely do they shoot." "Aye," quoth the Sheriff, and scratched his head, "I thought he would be here; I thought he would, but tho' he's bold, He durst not now appear." This word was privately brought to Robin by David of Doncaster, and the saying vexed him sorely.

The story was quickly told, and, promising to be there as soon as possible, Dr. Mills drove on to relieve baby Flynn's inner man, a little disturbed by a bit of soap and several buttons, upon which he had privately lunched while his mamma was busy at the wash-tub.

We seem to count refrigerators and privately owned automobiles. You seem to ignore personal standards and concentrate on steel tonnage." The Texcocan scientist, Wiss, said easily, "Given the steel mills, and eventually automobiles and refrigerators will run off our assembly lines like water, and will be available for everyone, not just those who can afford to buy them."

Carleton had bargained for no company last night; to-day female curiosity could stand it no longer, and Mrs. Thorn and Mrs. Evelyn came up to look and gossip openly, and to admire and comment privately, when they had a chance.

There were traces of sadness upon his brow, and of tears upon his cheeks; and his weariness was such, as even his rougher companion seemed to sympathize with, while he privately participated also in the sorrow which left its marks upon a countenance so lovely.

"Is it not absurd to hear a nation boasting of its freedom and tolerating a king?" "Oh, hang your republicanism, Chester!" said Sir Charles, who privately held a low opinion of the political side of the Patriot Martyrs. "I won't be put down on that point," said Erskine. "I admire a man that kills a king. You will agree with me there, Trefusis, won't you?" "Certainly not," said Trefusis.

I had not supposed he would move in the matter while I was away; and so I had not mapped out a scheme for determining the merits of officers; I had only remarked that it would be wise to submit every candidate to a sharp and searching examination; and privately I meant to put together a list of military qualifications that nobody could answer to but my West Pointers.