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Then, after a moment's hesitation, he said uneasily: "We must know, however, with whom she wants to go with you or with me?" I turned to the Italian, who did not even seem to be listening to us, and said: "We shall be very happy to take you with us, but my friend wants to know whether you will take my arm or his?" She opened her black eyes wide with vague surprise, and said, "Che mi fa?"

None the less did it unloose the great deeps. With a scream of amazement and joy she embraced the animal, pulled out one or two practicable blossoms, pressed them to her lips, and flung them into her admirers. They flung them back, with loud melodious cries, and a little boy in one of the stageboxes snatched up his sister's carnations and offered them. "Che carino!" exclaimed the singer.

'Amor che fa villan un cor gentile'. In four months I shall be able to throw some more light on this strange business. I should have left Barcelona the same day, but a slight tinge of superstition made me desire to leave on the last day of the unhappy year I had spent in Spain. I therefore spent my three days of grace in writing letters to all my friends.

I suppose our whispering had been heard, for just as we were being steered pretty close to the anchored junk, a deep rough voice hailed us something after this fashion, which is as near as I can get to the original "Ho hang wong hork ang ang ha?" "Ning toe ing nipy wong ony ing!" cried Ching. "Oh ony ha, how how che oh gu," came from the junk again, and then we were right on ahead.

"Ahi, Constantin, di quanto mal fu matre, Non la tua conversion, ma quella dote Che da te prese il primo ricco patre!" "For ever since Holy Church has aimed more at temporal than at spiritual things, matters have gone from bad to worse."

"Meanwhile, I dare say you would like to arrange your toilette a little?" She answered with a 'mica', a word which she employed just as frequently as 'Che me fa', but I went on: "It is always pleasant after a journey."

Francesca was always silent and irritable, lived beside me rather than with me, responded to all my requirements and all my propositions with her perpetual Che mi fa, or with her no less perpetual Mica. My friend became more and more furious, but my only answer was, "You can go if you are tired of staying. I am not detaining you."

I was forced to tell him, in a word, that our hopes were crowned with success. He faithfully promised to keep the fact secret. But, doubtless, all the town knows it by this time! Che vuole?" "E naturale! e naturale!" returned the Marchese, with a graceful wave of his hand; "naturally they are all anxious to know the result of our impresario's labours. And I was not left in ignorance.

A small flute-voice of infinite wail speaks there, into our very heart of hearts. A touch of womanhood in it too: della bella persona, che mi fu tolta; and how, even in the Pit of woe, it is a solace that he will never part from her! Saddest tragedy in these alti guai. And the racking winds, in that aer bruno, whirl them away again, to wail forever!

Tanto si da, quanto trova d' ardore: Si che quantunque carita si stende, Cresce sovr' essa l' eterno valore. E quanta gente pin lassu s' intende, Piu v' e da bene amare, e pin vi s' ama, E come specchio, l' uno all' altro rende. Because thy mind doth stick To earthly things, and on them only brood, From the true light thou dost but darkness pick.