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J'aurai des entretiens avec la mere, qui ne sont pas toujours composes avec du miel. "Helas! Rende mi figlia mia." Voila ou j'en reviens. Adieu. Ayez un peu de pitie de tous mes embarras, qui ne finissent pas.

The god and his attendants sang the glory of the monarch, the pacificator of Europe; and each stanza terminated with the somewhat fulsome and ungraceful words: "Il faut que tout vous rende hommage, Grand Roi, miracle de notre âge."

While going out of my dungeon I also made a farewell signal to two of the robbers, who had been my neighbours, and who were then standing at their window. Their chief also got notice of my departure, ran to the window, and repeatedly saluted me. He began likewise to sing the little air, Chi rende alla meschina; and was this, thought I, merely to ridicule me?

Thei do so polle and oppresse their tributaries, with subsidies, taxes and tallages, as neuer did people but thei, that euer manne redde of. It is beyonde belief to saie. Thei euer coueite, and as Lordes of all, do rape, and rende from other, and neuer recompence aught. No, the begger that liueth on almose, getteth not an aguelette of hym.

It is recorded in writyng, that certaine of those were in Alexandres campe. We rede also that there are in Inde men with one eye and no mo. And certein so notably eared that thei hange downe to their hieles with suche a largenesse that they may lye in either of them as vpon a pallet: and soharde, that thei may rende vp trees with them.

Tanto si da, quanto trova d' ardore: Si che quantunque carita si stende, Cresce sovr' essa l' eterno valore. E quanta gente pin lassu s' intende, Piu v' e da bene amare, e pin vi s' ama, E come specchio, l' uno all' altro rende. Because thy mind doth stick To earthly things, and on them only brood, From the true light thou dost but darkness pick.

'That man is attached to the remnant of his life: I could not wish him dispossessed of it, said Rende. 'Parted! who parts us? It's for a night. Tomorrow! She breathed: 'To-morrow. To his hearing it craved an answer. He had none. To talk like a lover, or like a man of honour, was to lie. Falsehood hemmed him in to the narrowest ring that ever statue stood on, if he meant to be stone.

Take courage and, as though you were this very day beginning to recognize the value of life, strive at every moment to make the most of it." This humdrum Chinese philosophy is not without merit. It suggests the moralizing of the fabulist: "... Qu'on me rende impotent, Cul-de-jatte, goutteux, manchot, pourvu qu'en somme Je vive, c'est assez: je suis plus que content."

"Thereto the body of a dog she had, Full of fell ravin and fierce greedinesse; A lion's clawes, with power and rigour clad To rende and teare whatso she can oppresse; A dragon's taile, whose sting without redresse Full deadly wounds whereso it is empight, And eagle's wings for scope and speedinesse That nothing may escape her reaching might, Whereto she ever list to make her hardy flight."

Deja au mois de fevrier les arbustes poussaient des feuilles. Dieu veuille que cette douce chaleur de l'annee vous rende bientot a la sante et a la Normandie. As to France, I say nothing; for, after all, she has the chances of success, which will smooth away many apparent difficulties. But the peace of Europe depends on Germany and on England. Shall we succeed in maintaining it?

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