A rapidly accelerating retreat, faster and faster, as the disc changed from the dull red of normal defense to the higher and bluer quanta of failing, less complete defense, the disc of interference retreated. Then, with a flash of light, and a roar as the soil below spouted up, the station was gone. It had failed.

This masquerade, in so far as it lay in the province of the painter, was so beautifully arranged and adorned by Granacci that no man could imagine anything better; and the words of the song, which Jacopo composed, began thus: Contempla in quanta gloria sei salita, Felice alma Fiorenza, Poichè dal Ciel discesa, with what follows.

True knowledge exists only where quanta are known; the presupposition of the capacity for knowledge is the capacity to count; the spirit cognizes sensuous relations by means of the pure, archetypal, intellectual relations born in it, which, before the advent of sense-impressions, have lain concealed behind the veil of possibility; inclination and aversion between men, their delight in beauty, the pleasant impression of a view, depend upon an unconscious and instinctive perception of proportions.

Both modes have the properties of universality and an a priori origin in common, but are, in their procedure, of widely different character. As regards the former, we can determine our conceptions a priori in intuition, inasmuch as we are ourselves the creators of the objects of the conceptions in space and time- these objects being regarded simply as quanta.

So thought old Ennius, as reported by Cicero, and that remained the genuine Roman feeling to the last. "Quanta perversitas!" as Tertullian exclaimed. "Artem magnificant, artificem notant." In this matter the Romans, although they aroused the horror of the Christians, were yet in reality laying the foundation of Christian morality.

"Grinsell, you hear that, too?" "I hear 't," growled the man. "Remember it, for, mark my words, you'll share his fate." The squire was gone. Grinsell scowled with malignant spite; Diggle laughed softly. "Quanta de spe decidi!" he said, "which in plain English, friend Job, means that we are dished utterly, absolutely. I must go on my travels again.

"'Quis hominum? What sort of a man is he?" "An honest man!" cried Michal, with flashing eyes. "What do you know about it? You only go by his outward appearance. 'Quanta especies sed cerebrum non habet' a handsome face but no brains. 'Non bene casta caro quæ bene pasta caro' Well fed, ill bred. But I have had occasion to learn something about the fellow's inner man.

Finally, are pointed out the errors that have been uttered in regard to the temporal power of the Pope, together with such as have reference to modern liberalism. These important documents, the Encyclical, “quanta cura,” and theSyllabus,” are not so much the work of Pius IX. as of all the Popes of a century back, from the Council of Pistoia, Febronianism and Josephism.

With amiable and becoming diffidence Miss Georgiana was compelled to comply the count was surprised and charmed by her voice: then she was prevailed upon to try "Quanta O quanto e amor possente" the count, who was enthusiastically fond of music, seemed quite enchanted; and Mrs. Falconer took care that he should have this impression left full and strong upon his mind supper was announced.

Then I said to the molinar, 'Quanta? and he, holding up a tall finger, said 'Una Lira'. The young man leapt on to his stilts, the molinar stooped down and I got upon his shoulders, and we all attempted the many streams of the river Parma, in which I think I should by myself have drowned.