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"I've thought of that, too," answered Sydney readily. "And I don't believe we er you have." "Well, then I think our play's dished at the start." "Why, not a bit, sir. Call the players up, explain the thing to them, and tell them you want a man for that position." "Ah, ask for volunteers, eh?" "Yes, sir. And you'll have just as many, I'll bet, as there are men!" Mills smiled.

Of course his apostrophe to 'violet eyes, overlaced with jet! will sound quite Tennysonian to a certain little shy girl, now hiding at Como, and who 'inspired the strain. But aside from the pleasant association that links you with the verses, they are pardon me, dear as thin and flavourless as well, as the soup dished out at pauper restaurants.

The ogre, seated on the castle top with the princess, after a few preliminary yells and howls, was to say, in a gruff voice, that he was too much engaged just then with his dinner that three roast babies were being dished. When they were disposed of, the princess would be killed, and served up as a sort of light pudding, after which he would open the castle gate.

"And then the old rip got a court order making him Zara's guardian, but he tried to serve it across the state line, and got dished for his trouble. So it looked as if they'd shaken him pretty well." "I should say so! Do you mean that he kept it up after that?" "He certainly did! And he got pretty powerful help too. Here's where the part of it that ought to interest you really begins.

"It may help the rest," suggested Dan Dalzell mournfully, "but nothing will do me any good. I'm dished. No camping out in winter is going to come my way." "Oh, I wouldn't be too sure," urged Dick. "But, at least, you can be sure you won't go if you don't try some more coaxing." "Say, you come and do the coaxing yourself to-night, when dad is home," begged Dan.

We felt like pagan Romans, who on starting out had perceived the happiest omens in earth and sky. And at the Pfaueninsel! Frau Friedrich, the wife of the man in charge of the fountains, kept a neat inn, in which, however, she by no means dished up to all persons what they would like. But our mother knew her through Lenne, by whom her husband was employed, and she took good care of us.

As we re-entered the prison we were greeted with a deafening yell. It came from the caged British prisoners. "Hullo, boys! What cheer, Mahoney!" they shrieked. "Have they dished you again? Thought you were going home? Well, we're mighty pleased to see you back at the 'Zoo'!" and there was another wild exhibition of simian acrobatics upon the bars for our especial amusement.

Our boy, apart from this small misfortune, comported himself pretty well. His English was understandable, and he could cook anything. He dished us up excellent soup in enamelled cups and, as we had no ingredients on board so far as we knew to make soup, and as The Other Man had that day lost an old Spanish tam-o'-shanter, we naturally concluded that he had used the old hat for the making of the soup, and at once christened it as "consommé

"I don't want any lunch," said Judy, listlessly. "Don't worry about me, Anne." But Anne went to the cupboard and brought out a precious store of peach preserves, and dished them in the little glass saucers that had been among her grandmother's wedding things. Then she cut the bread in thin slices and brought in a pitcher of milk. "Why don't you have some flowers on the table?" said Judy.

Presently the carriage stopped abruptly, and listening they heard the coachman indulge his companion outside with the remark that they were a couple of fools, and were now regularly 'dished. "I don't see why that observation can't go on wheels," said Tracy. Merthyr put out his head, and saw the obstruction of the mass of stone across the road.