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Never did I see a youth, at that time he was no more, so devoted to knowledge for itself. 'Doctrin‘ pretium triste magister habet." "Methinks," added Elmore, "I can see him now, stealing away from the haunts of men, 'With even step and musing gait, across the quiet fields, or into the woods, whence he was certain not to re-appear till night-fall.

"Valde, Domine," replied the lad, "Quomodo se habet anima tua, charum exemplar sacerdotage, et fulcrum robustissium Ecclesiae sacrosancte?" "Very good, Harry," replied his Reverence, laughing "stand aside; I'll hear you after Kelly."

Insignis nobilitas, aut magna patrum merita, principis dignationem etiam adolescentulis assignant: ceteris robustioribus ac jampridem probatis aggregantur; nec rubor, inter comites aspici. Gradus quin etiam et ipse comitatus habet judicio ejus, quem sectantur: magnaque et comitum aemulatio, quibus primus apud principem suum locus, et principum, cui plurimi et acerrimi comites.

"'Quis hominum? What sort of a man is he?" "An honest man!" cried Michal, with flashing eyes. "What do you know about it? You only go by his outward appearance. 'Quanta especies sed cerebrum non habet' a handsome face but no brains. 'Non bene casta caro quæ bene pasta caro' Well fed, ill bred. But I have had occasion to learn something about the fellow's inner man.

Observe himhe relaxes; a smile spreads on his countenance; he laughs at a jest; ‘captus est; habet:’ he pours a libation. Great Jove has conquered! he is loyal to Rome; what can you desire more? But beat him, kick him, starve him, turn him out of doors; and you have a natural enemy to do you a mischief whenever he can.”

'This tree, he said presently, pointing to a noble beech, its bole engraven with a cross, 'marks the middle point of the ascent. A weary climb for the weak, but not without profit to him who thinks as he walks for, as our dear brother Marcus has said, in those verses we are never tired of repeating: "Semper difficili quaeruntur summa labore, Arctam semper habet vita beata viam."

The motto I have adopted justifies my digressions, and all the commentaries, perhaps too numerous, in which I indulge upon my various exploits: 'Nequidquam sapit qui sibi non sapit'. For the same reason I have always felt a great desire to receive praise and applause from polite society: 'Excitat auditor stadium, laudataque virtus Crescit, et immensum gloria calcar habet.

And therefore Christ saith himself, Qui credit in me, habet vitam aeternam; "He that believeth in me hath everlasting life." When we hear God's word by the preacher, and believe that same, then we shall be saved: for St.

The words of the comic poet of ancient times remain good: Quae res in se neque consilium, neque modum habet ullum, eam consilio regere non potes. People who marry for love do so in the interest of the species and not of the individuals.

Tempore prandij in hac aula, Imperator et Imperatrices, et quisque de praedictis, habet mensam sibi solam, quarum vilior praeualet thesauro grandi.