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The very names by which they call diseases sweeten and mollify the sharpness of them: the phthisic is with them no more than a cough, dysentery but a looseness, the pleurisy but a stitch; and, as they gently name them, so they patiently endure them; they are very great and grievous indeed when they hinder their ordinary labour; they never keep their beds but to die: "Simplex illa et aperta virtus in obscuram et solertem scientiam versa est."

And now one word from the son, who could, in comparison, know so little of the matter, had almost sufficed to convert and to convince the sceptic. Why was this? Because Man believes the Strong! " Quid Virtus et quid Sapientia possit Utile proposuit nobis exemplar Ulssem." Meanwhile the object of their search, on quitting Mr.

That after all this Jupiter, who was partial to the Trojan, and distrustful of the event, though he had hung the balance and given it a jog of his hand to weigh down Turnus, thought convenient to give the Fates a collateral security by sending the screech-owl to discourage him; for which they quote these words of Virgil: "Non me tua turbida virtus Terret, ait; dii me terrent, et Jupiter hostis."

"But what of that?" And in a louder voice, and with a gusto which showed how genuine was his delight in the metre, "Pauci quos æquus amavit Jupiter aut ardens evexit ad æthera virtus Dis geniti potuere," he mouthed. "But that," he added, looking scornfully at his confederate, "is Greek to you!"

The word "gars" pronounced "ga" is a relic of the Celtic language. It has passed from low Breton into French, and the word in our present speech has more ancient associations than any other. The "gais" was the principal weapon of the Gauls; "gaisde" meant armed; "gais" courage; "gas," force. The word has an analogy with the Latin word "vir" man, the root of "virtus" strength, courage.

How is it that our middle and lower classes, in spite of the individuals among them who are raised by happy gifts of nature to a more humane life, in spite of the seriousness of the middle class, in spite of the honesty and power of true work, the virtus verusque labor, which are to be found in abundance throughout the lower, do yet present, as a whole, the characters which we have seen?

And as the one expect it with fear and trembling, the others support it with greater ease than life. That one complains of its facility: "Mors! utinam pavidos vitae subducere nolles. Sed virtus to sola daret!" Now, let us leave these boastful courages. Theodorus answered Lysimachus, who threatened to kill him, "Thou wilt do a brave feat," said he, "to attain the force of a cantharides."

We know a playing wit can praise the discretion of an ass; the comfortableness of being in debt, and the jolly commodity of being sick of the plague. So of the contrary side, if we will turn Ovid's verse: Ut lateat virtus proximitate mali, that good lie hid in nearness of the evil: Agrippa will be as merry in showingthe vanity of science, as Erasmus was in commending of folly.

Let me then now do myself the honour to mention that the lady who made it was the late Margaret Montgomerie, my very valuable wife, and the very affectionate mother of my children, who, if they inherit her good qualities, will have no reason to complain of their lot. Dos magna parentum virtus. BOSWELL. The latter part of this note was first given in the second edition.

You are getting into such a state of disgust with your books, that you'll end by espousing Mother Bobbery, you unfortunate victim of political ideas." "I disgusted I tired of my books I tired, when I have this glorious song to sing!" And at the top of his voice Sir Asinus chanted: "Aurum de Arabia, Thus et myrrhum de Saba, Tulit in ecclesia Virtus asinaria!"

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