As for the young girl, she followed him for a moment with her eyes, and then laughing merrily continued her way, swinging her satchel and humming an old ditty. We shall meet with her again. Sir Asinus was clad as usual in a rich suit of silk, over which fell in graceful folds his old faded dressing gown.

"I observed through the window a visitor, fairest Belinda." "Ah! I was so closely engaged," says Sir Asinus, "like a knight of the middle ages, I thought only of my 'ladye faire. Nothing can move me from her side!" "Indeed?" says Jacques. "Nothing!" "Well, well, at least I have not counselled such desertion on your part. The visitor at the gate there is Doctor Small from college.

Now, as our history concerns itself rather with Amaryllis than Plato or Coke, we shall permit Mowbray to go on, and retracing our steps, follow Sir Asinus to his destination. Sir Asinus on this morning is magnificent, and finds the air very pleasant after his long imprisonment. He inhales it joyously, and in thought, nay, often in words, invokes confusion on the heads of proctors.

"True, true," said Jacques; "and if you really must go, farewell. Write to me." "Let us embrace." "Willingly." And Sir Asinus caught his friend in his arms and sniffled. Jacques, with his head over his friend's shoulder, chuckled. "Now farewell," said Sir Asinus; "perhaps some day I may return farewell." And covering his eyes, he turned away.

Jacques pranced forth from the Raleigh stable yard in state, and took his way along Gloucester street, the admiration of every beholder. He was going to glory and conquest probably: he was on his way to happiness perhaps. He felt a sentiment of benevolent regard for all the human family, and even, in passing, cast his thoughts on Sir Asinus.

"Friends," said the naturalist, looking with a sorrowful eye from one to another of his bloodily disposed companions, "slay not Asinus; he is a specimen of his kind, of whom much good and little evil can be said. Hardy and docile for his genus; abstemious and patient, even for his humble species. We have journeyed much together, and his death would grieve me.

Ay, ay, Asinus fortis accumbens inter terminos, as the Vulgate hath it Ay, ay, Vidi terrain quod esset optima, et supposui humerum ad portandum, et factus sum tributis serviens I saw this land of England, and became an overburdened king thereof." "You are indeed well loaded, my dear dad and gossip," said the Duke of Buckingham, receiving the papers which King James emptied out of his pockets.

"Ah!" said Belle-bouche, as she sat down upon a sofa in the cool pleasant apartment, whose open windows permitted the odors of a thousand flowers to weigh the air down with their fragrance, "what a lovely morning! It is almost wrong to remain in the house." "Let us go forth then, my dear Madam Belle-bouche," said Sir Asinus.

I will descend." And disappearing from the window, Sir Asinus soon made his appearance at the door, and approached the boy and girl. The girl was laughing. "Oh, sir! I think I understand now you were fishing for swallows, and the hook " "Caught in your dress!

"I was coming along, and thought I would come in," he said. "How is your Excellency to-day?" "Dying of weariness!" "What! even your great Latin song " "Is growing dull, sir. How can a man live on solitude and Latin? No girls, no frolics, no fun, no nothing, if I may use that inelegant expression," said Sir Asinus. "Go back, then." "Never!" "Why not?" "Do you ask?