Three of the American skippers had been quartered on the gunroom mess, and they were all at table. Snuff, snuff, smelled one, and another sniffled, "Gunpowder, I guess, and in a state of ignition." "Will you not send for the gunner, sir?" said the third. Splinter did not like it, I saw, and this quailed me. The captain's bell rang. "What smell of brimstone is that, steward?"

I didn't know, so I didn't say nothing at all; I jest sniffled. "They is a store box right in under that window," says another one. "Danny must have clumb onto that store box and looked in after he seen Hank come down the road and crawl through the window. Did you scramble onto the store box and look in, Danny?" I jest nodded agin. "And what was it you seen him do?

No one ever called upon Sarah, and she never made visits. Now every one came. They listened to the maid's story. All the little boys in town were looking for the canary. They never found it. "I told you so!" sniffled the maid. On the day of the funeral all the business houses in Jordantown were closed. It was as if a Sabbath had dropped down in the middle of the week.

The soldier held his hand, pointed in the direction of the mountains again, and sniffled. 'He respects old age... they are human, there's no denying it, thought Yakob, and got up to put more wood on the fire. They seized hold of him, they would not allow him to do it. A young soldier jumped up: 'Sit down, you are old. Yakob held out his empty pipe, and the captain himself filled it.

I hated him for it, as he sat leaning back on the back legs of his chair, his thumbs in his arm-holes. I felt his eyes those smart, keen eyes, burning into my miserable head. I thought of the lawyer and the deal he'd give poor Tom, and all at once You'd have sniffled yourself, Mag Monahan. There I was caught. The cop'd be after me in five minutes.

The dying man was lying on his back, his head deeply buried in the pillows; his yellow chest, covered with white hair, showed under the open shirt. The priest bent over him and laid the wafer upon his outstretched tongue. All knelt down and, with their eyes raised to the ceiling, violently smote their chests, while they sighed and sniffled audibly.

The women wore little shoulder shawls pinned over their waists, for warmth, and all four, including Aloysius, sniffled for weeks afterward. That inventory developed a new, grim line around Mrs. Brandeis' mouth, and carved another at the corner of each eye.

"No, but I can hear pretty well," said Mirabelle. "I'm not deaf. And seems to me " She sniffled. "Seems to me you're making an awful funny start of things, Theodore." "My dear girl " "What?" "I just said 'my dear girl. I " "Say it again, Theodore!" To himself, Mr. Mix said something else, but for Mirabelle's benefit, he began a third time. "My dear girl, it's simply to evade the law, and "

"Marian Collier is the sweetest thing that ever grew up in this country," the old lady sniffled. "She's one in a thousand and when she was off to school she showed that she wasn't no common trash. She wanted to be an opery singer, but then her mother died and Marian done what looked to be her duty. A bird in a trap is what I call her."

"An' may yeh be damned," sez he to her, an' then to me, "Jim, yeh yeh git outen them good duds o' yourn; I want a right peart slice o' thet forty acre plowed 'fore dinner." An' then he sort o' sniffled an' kissed her. An' I was thet happy but he seen me an' roars out, "Yeh, Jim!" An' yeh bet I dusted fer the barn. 'Any kids waiting for you back in the States? asked the stranger.