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There was preaching in the synagogues in our Lord's own day, and He but observed an established custom when, "entering into the synagogue" at Nazareth, as was His practice "on the Sabbath day," "He stood up for to read," and "there was brought unto Him the book of the Prophet Esaias."

I'm glad there is a day of rest, one day in every seven, when worldly cares cannot molest, and we may dream of heaven. The week day labor that we do, is highly necessary, but if our tasks were never through, if they should never vary, we'd soon be covered o'er with mold, from bridle-bits to breeching; so let the Sabbath bells be tolled, and let us hear the preaching!

"Prepare, Bridget, to come with me this evening to Sabbath school," said the persevering Amanda. "I want to show them how well you can read, and also I want them to admire these nice flowers of your hat, and your pretty new dress, to see how smart you look." "Why, miss, if that be all you want, I can't go, for that would be a sin.

Thee must remember what thee has seen, my son," she said, "for all that thee beholds with the outer eye shall pass away, while what thee sees with the inner eye abides forever. And had thee a message, too?" "It was delivered to me that on the holy Sabbath day I should go to the camp in Baxter's clearing and preach to the lumbermen." "Then thee must go, my son."

There is no allusion to any special observance of the Sabbath; and the references to circumcision are indirect. Such are the chief articles of the theological creed of the old Israelites, which are made known to us by the direct evidence of the ancient record to which we have had recourse, and they are as remarkable for that which they contain as for that which is absent from them.

XVII. Spiritually understood, this Commandment has a yet far higher work, which embraces the whole nature of man. Here it must be known that in Hebrew "Sabbath" means "rest," because on the seventh day God rested and ceased from all His works, which He had made. Genesis ii.

"I do, therefore, solemnly challenge the Protestants of Ireland to prove, by plain texts of Scripture, the questions concerning the obligation of the Christian Sabbath. 1. That Christians may work on Saturday, the old seventh day. 2. That they are bound to keep holy the first day, namely, Sunday. 3. That they are not bound to keep holy the seventh day also."

A few days after that Sabbath that the boy was never to forget, he went to see Nan and the baby, and in the course of his visit, remarked, "Nan, I seen the bishop last Sunday." "What bishop?" inquired Nan. "The one that talked at the big, stone church St. Mark's, they call it." "I wonder 't they let you in, if you wore them ragged duds," remarked Mrs. Hunt.

It is true that riches did not flow in upon him any faster than before, but he did not mind that much, for he had discovered another mine, in which he toiled at nights after the day's toil was over, and whence he extracted treasure of greater value than copper or tin, or even gold treasure which he scattered in a Sabbath school with liberal hand, and found himself all the richer for his prodigality.

'Lord preserve us! said the female voice, 'an he had worried our cat, Mr. Pleydell would ne'er hae forgi'en me! 'Aweel, my doo, the cat's no a prin the waur. So he's no in, ye say? 'Na, Mr. Pleydell's ne'er in the house on Saturday at e'en, answered the female voice. 'And the morn's Sabbath too, said the querist. 'I dinna ken what will be done.