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They were singing some song in two parts, and while the one half sustained the melody the others were rolling out a fine contrapuntal accompaniment with full, resonant, and sonorous tone. The effect was quite remarkable. Song heartens us when weary and helps the miles to slip past even though the ditty be but "Tipperary" or "John Brown's body."

As to the dress it did not signify, as many of the more settled Ostjaks had adopted the Russian costume. Godfrey intended to fish as they drifted along, but they had at present at least as much fish on board as they could consume while it was good. Luka, as he worked, sang a lugubrious native ditty, while with his knife he trimmed the skins into shape.

No brass-bands played, none sang a ditty of triumph as I took my way; no signs of "Welcome to Our City" were hung across the street that day! Thus you and I and plain, plug mortals may show a courage high and fine, and be obscure, while some jay chortles in triumph where the limelights shine.

The window was small and the light dim. A white-haired old woman was warming her hands and crooning over a wood fire. "Eh, mother," cried Betty, "I've brought someone to sing to ye. 'Lodgin' on the Cold Ground, do ye remember that old ditty?" "Do I mind it? Why, to be sure. But who sings it now-a-days? Nobody."

Between caudle-cups and 'John Anderson, my Jo-John, it is my hope to pass the evening of my days with a tolerable grace, and leave behind me some comely representatives, who shall take up the burden of the ditty where I leave off. On this head be sure you shall have no cause to complain of me. I shall be no Malthusian, as you certainly have shown yourself.

chanted Peggy, with so disastrous an attempt at the correct tune that Mrs Saville shook with laughter, despite the pain in her head, and Hector Darcy, entering the room, demanded to know the nature of the joke. "I was singing a little ditty, and mother derided me, as usual. People always laugh when I sing, and declare that the tune is wrong.

A few of them could sing, and we began with a Moody and Sankey hymn or two and the appealing ditty, "Where is my wandering boy to-night?" in which they all joined with special zest. Then I delivered the lecture, and they listened attentively. When I had finished they seemed to think that some slight return was in order, so they proceeded to make a bed for me.

Yet this ditty does grotesquely reproduce the lazy satisfaction and security of the old-timers under the conditions: "One night came on a hurricane, The sea was mountains rolling, When Barney Buntline turned his quid And said to Billy Bowline, 'A strong nor'wester's blowing, Bill: Hark! don't you hear it roar now? Lord help them! how I pities all Unlucky folks on shore now.

To desire what we cannot possess, will only make us unhappy." "You needn't preach to me," retorted Mrs. Ellis, her face slightly flushing. "When I want to hear a sermon, I'll go to church." Mr. Ellis made no answer, but, lifting his babe from its mother's lap, commenced tossing it in the air and singing a pleasant nursery ditty.

I question if the honest men, whose misfortune is commemorated in this pathetic ditty, were more startled at the appearance of the bold thief than the songster was at mine; for, tired of waiting for some one to announce me, and finding my situation as a listener rather awkward, I presented myself to the company just as my friend Mr.

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