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Vulgar monuments of a social upheaval which beggars the old stories of fairy changelings, of Sancho Panza, of "Barney the Baron," or "Monte Cristo." In the days of '60, Philip Hardin is too busy with plot and scheme, with daily plunging, and dreaming over the fate of Lagunitas, to notice the social elevation of the more aspiring male and female adventurers. The rising tide of wealth grows.

In a short time, however, it came to pass that those in the cities could spare no aid to the country. Indeed it may be a question whether the city poverty was not the harder of the two. "God bless you both you've soft hearts, I know." And Father Barney put his punch to his lips. "Whatever you can do for me shall not be thrown away. And I'll tell you what, Mrs.

Having no other business in hand, Barney devoted himself to that business which ran like a core through all his businesses paying court to Maggie. And when Barney wished to be a courtier, there were few of his class who could give a better superficial interpretation of the role; and in this particular instance he was at the advantage of being in earnest.

"You'll cut out your comic-supplement stuff in just one second," Barney warned her. "We both saw young Sherwood awhile ago as he was leaving the Grantham, and he told us everything!" Persiflage did indeed fail Maggie. "Everything?" she exclaimed. "What's everything?" "He told us about proposing to you almost a week ago, and about your refusing him.

Then he heard a cry of indistinct words behind him, and turned. "What is it?" he called. But still he could not understand what she said, her voice was so broken, and he went back. When he got quite close to the gate he understood. "You ain't goin' past, Richard? You ain't goin' past, Richard?" Sylvia was wailing over and over, clinging to the old gate-post. Barney stood before her, hesitating.

"You don't think I've done anything out of the way speaking to you about it, do you, Barney?" she said, and she was half crying. "I don't know why I should think you had; I suppose you meant all right," Barney said. He pulled his arm away softly, and jerked the right rein to turn the horse. "G'lang!" he cried out, and strode forward with a conclusive air.

But whether, in what I propose, I'm giving a helping hand to a kind of wild genius, or whether I'm starting a vain boy along the primrose path in the direction of everlasting bonfire, I'm damned if I know." But Paul jogged along by the side of Barney Bill in no such state of dubiety. God was in His Heaven, arranging everything for his especial benefit.

"He's a reg'lar conger-eely sort o' fellow, as can wiggle hisself through a gas-pipe a'most. You let him go, and see what he can do." "Yes, sir, let me have a try," said Barney, and I reluctantly consented, though I had very little hope of his getting through. "Hadn't us better have a biscuit and a drink of water first, sir?" said Bob Hampton. "I'm strange and hungry yet."

He bent close to the keyhole and listened. From within came no sound other than the regular breathing of the inmates. It had been at least half an hour since the American had heard the conversation cease. A glance through the keyhole showed no light within the room. Stealthily Barney turned the knob. Had they bolted the door? He felt the tumbler move to the pressure soundlessly.

Owensboro' or Henderson.-Thirty-first Indiana, Colonel Cruft; Colonel Edwards, forming Rock Castle; Colonel Boyle, Harrodsburg; Colonel Barney, Irvine; Colonel Hazzard, Burksville; Colonel Haskins, Somerset.