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The grave matron heard me, and, shaking her head, learnedly replied, "Quos Deus vult perdere dementat." Again I besought her to speak to the rich men of the nation, concerning Ministers, of whom it might soon become illegal even to complain of long and ruinous wars, and whether they must not bear the damage.

Loud were the counter-protestations of the two competitors, and loud the laugh of the idle loons who listened at a little distance. "Hold your tongue, ye flyting fools," said the Doctor; "and you, ye idle rascals, if I come out among you." So saying, he smacked his long-lashed whip with great emphasis, producing much the effect of the celebrated Quos ego of Neptune in the first AEneid.

"Hi mihi sunt comites quos ipsa pericula jungunt." "I tell thee, Humfrey, thou wilt hear if thou dost live to hear of these six as having wrought the greatest deed of our times!" "May it only be a deed an honest man need not be ashamed of," said Humfrey, not at all convinced of his friend's sanity. "Ashamed of!" exclaimed Babington.

Equidem efferor studio patres vestros quos colui et dilexi videndi, neque vero eos solum convenire aveo, quos ipse cognovi, sed illos etiam, de quibus audivi et legi et ipse conscripsi; quo quidem me proficiscentem haud sane quid facile retraxerit, nec tamquam Pelian recoxerit.

Yet, in the meantime, we are not to conclude anything rashly against those great men; but preserve to them, the dignity of Masters: and give that honour to their memories, quos libitina sacravit; part of which, we expect may be paid to us in future times."

Sunt, quos curriculo pulverem Olympicum, and if we take into consideration that Juror says in the same scene: And when thy swelling vents amain, Then Pisces be thy sporting chamberlain, it is not asserting too much that these are manifest hits at Florio, who, to please his Maecenas, tries with Dr. Diodati, his 'guide-fish' to capture the 'whale' in the 'rocke rough ocean.

"`Hac arte Pollux et vagus Hercules, Enisus arces attigit igneas, attigit igneas, Quos inter Augustus recumbens " "Oh, what does come next?" and he stopped with an expression of pain on his face, pressing his hands tight over his brow. "Don't go on with the repetition, Johnny, dear," said the poor mother. "I'm sure you know it enough now."

Speaking to them, he called them by the name of fellow-soldiers, which we yet use; which his successor, Augustus, reformed, supposing he had only done it upon necessity, and to cajole those who merely followed him as volunteers: "Rheni mihi Caesar in undis Dux erat; hic socius; facinus quos inquinat, aequat:" Crime levels those whom it polluted."

Quos ipse a remotis videns, consueuit ad se appellare, et ad crucem suum galeatum deponere, ac reuerenter nudo capite inclinare: et praelatus dicens super cum aliquam orationem signat cruce, et aqua benedicta aspergit.

"Ah, you here?" said he to his young friend, without any astonishment. "You have come for the procession. That is well. You will hear sung the lovely lines: 'Hi sunt quos fatue mundus abhorruit." He pronounced ou as u, 'a l'Italienne'; for his liturgic training had been received in Rome. "The season is favorable for the ceremonies. The tourists have gone.