This is the progress of ideas as shown us by history; and this is what is meant by saying that the characteristic feature which justifies agency as a title of the law is the absorption pro hac vice of the agent's legal individuality in that of his principal.

The peculiar law of our own country applies this principle with great rigour the same principle is received in our Courts of the Law of nations; they are so far British courts, that no man can sue therein who is a subject of the Enemy, unless under particular circumstances that pro hac vice discharge him from the character of an Enemy, such as his coming under a flag of truce, a cartel, or a pass, or some other act of public authority that puts him in the Queen's peace pro hac vice.

I stay not now upon this head, because our opposites acknowledge it; for Dr Burges calls the sacraments the Lord’s images and deputies; and the Archbishop of Spalato saith, that when we take the sacrament of Christ’s body, we adore Christum sub hac figura figuratum. 5.

Atque hanc rationem reddit Divus Thomas 1 parte, quaestione 45, articulo 8, et quaestione 90, articulo 2, et ex dicendis magis explicabitur. Sumendo ergo ipsum fieri in hac proprietate et rigore, sic fieri ex nihilo est fieri secundum se totum, id est nulla sui parte praesupposita, ex quo fiat.

Præterea Tractus ille ad quem Madac appulit desertus esse potuit; cum tamen alia Loca et interiores partes barbaros Chichimecas haberent, quibus permixti Cambri et intermissa illa Navigatione, Linguam Moresque patrios exuerint. In hac vehementer me confirmant Indigenarum Traditiones. Nam Virginiani et Guahutemallæ antiquis Temporibus Madocum quendam velut Heroem coluerunt.

Et de hac concessione sicut quando ligiam fidelitatem domino regi & domino Henrico filio suo fecerint, ita eos inde assecurauerint. Similiter hæredes regis Scotiæ & baronum & hominum suorum homagium & ligiantiam facient hæredibus domini regis contra omnem hominem.

People are better than their creeds, and, it should seem, sometimes better than their principles. In which case would his conscience prick him most, when the heat was over as accessory to the murder or as the utterer of untruth? I cannot but think it a case of instinct, which, acting before conscience, pro hac vice supersedes it.

As for the other kind of disturbing causes, namely those which operate through the same law of human nature out of which the general principles of the science arise, these might always be brought within the pale of the abstract science if it were worth while; and when we make the necessary allowances for them in practice, if we are doing anything but guess, we are following out the method of the abstract science into minuter details; inserting among its hypotheses a fresh and still more complex combination of circumstances, and so adding pro hác vice a supplementary chapter or appendix, or at least a supplementary theorem, to the abstract science.

Est in hac quoque regione, vel suburbijs Leodij, Guilielmitarum Coenobium, in quo Epitaphium hoc Ioannis a Mandeuille, excepimus. Anno Dom. 1371. Mensis Nouembris, Die 17. Haec in lapide: in quo caelata viri armati imago, Leonem calcantis, barba bifurcata, ad caput manus benedicens, et vernacula haec verba: Vos qui paseis sor mi, pour l'amour deix proies por mi.

The inscription upon his monument reads as follows: Mole sub hac fortis requiescunt ossa Leonis Qui vicit factis nomina magna suis. These words may be translated into English as follows: "This narrow grave contains the remains of a man who was a Lion by name, and much more so by his deeds."