If Cogito ergo sum is an institution to which we can trust, why is not Non cogito ergo non sum?" Here is a man posing before the gaping millions as a philosopher and a severe logician, who thinks that the proposition, "every cow is a quadruped," is disproved by the evident falsehood of, "what is not a cow is not a quadruped," which he calls "the converse."

You criticise as follows; "The apostles could not have been convinced of the fact of the resurrection by any evidence short of the fact itself. 2d. If the fact did exist there is no evidence which can counterbalance it. Ergo, as the apostles were convinced of the truth, the fact did exist. This is pretty much like saying, if the fact were true it could not have been false!"

Ergo, the Wand is the conductor, in the magician's hand, for the lightnings of the soul; and just as the lightning rod is most useful and most powerful to protect, when the storm is the strongest; so is the Wand most powerful in the hands of the most potential magician. We can only transmit through this Wand the degree of force we may happen to possess in the soul.

The philosophy has not yet found the proof of the existence of man, and when cogito ergo sum of Cartesius was not sufficient for it, the question is still open.

But take good heed in any case of high climbing cogitations, to clamber up to heaven without this ladder, namely, the Lord Christ in his humanity. 'Ergo'. Christianity is of necessity historical and not philosophical only. Ib. p. 62. 'What is that to thee'? said Christ to Peter. 'Follow thou me' me, follow me, and not thy questions, or cogitations.

Et habet quodlibet millenariorum in his vestibus colorem sibi proprium: primum viridem, secundum vermiculum, tertium croceum, quartum purpureum, seu indicum. Ergo in die solenni, dum de mane Maiestatis thronum conscenderit, veniunt se praesentari hoc modo Regi.

Hoc ergo firmiter scias, quod de Curia Regis accipiunt necessaria sua iugiter vltra triginta cuman hominum, praeter expensas animalium et volucrum, cum tamen in festis maioribus sint homines prope in duplo tanti.

"She is his greatest confidante. That I am her greatest confidante, you know already, ergo well, I'll leave you to make the deduction. She is really a good soul, and a marked success as an ear trumpet." "But is Mr. Ingram aware of that?" "Quite. That is why he speaks into her such a deal. He finds me perfectly deaf otherwise." All this was a revelation to Morgan.

Both the men accused her of their misfortune, and she faced them dauntlessly. She tried to bring them, it seemed, to accept it as inevitable, as a thing properly attendant on them; to show that she, after all, could not change the conditions of existence. "You stabbed the Greek," she argued once, turning sharply on the tall man. "Well," he began, and she flourished her hand as an ergo.

It's more like that abandoning of all reasoning which brings us our few earthly glories." "Cogito, ergo sum," I announced, remembering my Descartes. "Well, I'm going to keep on just the same," protested Peter. "Keep on at what?" I asked. "At thinking you're adorable," was his reply.