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Would I fortify myself against the fear of death, it must be at the expense of Seneca: would I extract consolation for myself or my friend, I borrow it from Cicero. I might have found it in myself, had I been trained to make use of my own reason. Euripides, ap. Cicero, Ep. Whence Ennius: "Nequidquam sapere sapientem, qui ipse sibi prodesse non quiret."

The English is hardly more than a loose paraphrase, as this random parallel proves: Pars mea, Rex meus, Most Mighty, most Holy, In proprio Deus, How great is the glory, Ipse decore. Thy throne enfolding. Or this skilful evasion: Tunc Jacob, Israel, All the long history, Et Lia, tunc Rachel All the deep mystery Efficietur. Through ages hidden.

Some of the hearers of Pythagoras were content with his ipse dixit; while others were taught in secret those doctrines which were not deemed fit to be communicated to profane and insufficiently prepared ears.

Montcalm was greatly encouraged by the spirit of his soldiers throughout the attack, and erected a cross on the battle ground with the following inscriptions of his own the latter his paraphrase of the first: Quid dux? Quid miles? Quid strata ingentia ligna? En signum! en victor! Deus hîc, Deus ipse triumphat.

The critic is not superior to the amateur judge by reason of a greater natural aptitude for judging, but because he has a larger stock of knowledge on which to base his judgments, possesses a wider basis for comparison the foundation of all opinion and has trained his natural aptitudes; consequently, whilst his criticism necessarily, like that of the Man in the Street, is relative, not absolute, is after all merely an ipse dixit, it is the personal view of the better-trained person.

He talks of you with the same warmth that he did last year . We are to see as much of Scotland as we can, in the months of August and September. We shall not be long of being at Marischal College . He is particularly desirous of seeing some of the Western Islands. Dr. Beattie did better: ipse venit.

I can fight as well as you, button-boy! 'Why don't you fight your enemy, then? 'What enemy? 'My enemy is called Ipse. He's a dreadful trouble to me. You've got yours the thing inside you that makes you want to do naughty things; you've got to fight it, and do the good things instead. I've had two fights with Ipse to-day. 'Have you? Do tell me! 'You mustn't tell any one, then.

I have heard him make long harangues, and form various arguments, even in the manner of thinking of an eminent pleader at the bar, with every the least article and singularity of his utterance so perfectly imitated, that he was the very alter ipse, scarce to be distinguished from the original."

He was master of the position; he had the military force in his hands if he combined with Palikao, which, whatever the jealousies between the two, it was his absolute duty to do. He had a great prestige " DE MAULEON. "And for the moment a still greater popularity. His ipse dixit could have determined the wavering and confused spirits of the population.

And to this he adds, with much pith, in the "De Augmentis," II. 9, "Licet enim Historia quaeque prudentior politicis praeceptis et monitis veluti impregnata sit, tamen scriptor ipse sibi obstetricari non debet." Bacon wrote history according to his own rule, and proved its value by the practical exemplification which he gave of it.