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Since ambition can teach man valour, temperance, and liberality, and even justice too; seeing that avarice can inspire the courage of a shop-boy, bred and nursed up in obscurity and ease, with the assurance to expose himself so far from the fireside to the mercy of the waves and angry Neptune in a frail boat; that she further teaches discretion and prudence; and that even Venus can inflate boys under the discipline of the rod with boldness and resolution, and infuse masculine courage into the heart of tender virgins in their mothers' arms: "Hac duce, custodes furtim transgressa jacentes, Ad juvenem tenebris sola puella venit:"

"Never saw men who showed less stomach to the work," answered Dwining "never. But here come a brace of them. Venit extrema dies. He, he, he!" Eviot and his companion Buncle now approached, with sullen resolution in their faces, like men who had made their minds up to resist that authority which they had so long obeyed. "How now!" said Ramorny, stepping forward to meet them.

"His may not be the best authority in the case," answered the cautious citizen. "Tut, tut, man," said the king, "ye are over scrupulous. The knave deer-stealers have an apt phrase, Non est inquirendum unde venit VENISON. He that brings the gudes hath surely a right to dispose of the gear. Hark ye, friend, speak the truth and shame the deil.

Omne bene Sine poena Tempus est ludendi; Venit hora, Absque mora Libros deponendi. Old Holiday School Song.

Lans deo bone intelligo. Hol. Enter Armado, etc. Nath. Videsne quis venit? Ho. Video et gaudeo. Arm. Chirra! Hol. Quare Chirra not Sirrah! But the first appearance of these two book-men, as Dull takes leave them to call them in this scene, is not less to the purpose.

As they were moving through the streets in this solemn manner, every sound hushed excepting the anthem of the choir, they suddenly heard, issuing as it were from under ground, a chorus of voices chanting in solemn response "Benedictum qui venit in nomine Domini."* The procession paused in wonder.

"Salve fili mi!" said the father, laying his hands on the head of the kneeling Sir Christopher. "Beatus qui venit in nomine Domini. Arise, my son!" he continued, in French, taking the Knight by the hand, and assisting him. "Thy companion, I trust, sleeps soundly."

The nymphs had not turned out upon the usual principles of feminine gatherings 'Spectatum venit, venit spectentur it ipsae; and yet, between them, the two parties reciprocated the functions. Each to the other was a true spectacle. A long Scotchman, 'Qui sicca solus secum spatiatur arena,

The Porte Neuve is cut off, and at our mercy; it will be taken when we give the signal. Beyond it four thousand men are waiting to enter. We hold Geneva in our grip at last at last!" And in an accent half tragic, half ironic, he declaimed: "Venit summa dies et ineluctabile tempus Dardaniae! Fuimus Troes, fuit Ilium et ingens Gloria Teucrorum! Ferus omnia Jupiter Argos Transtulit!"

The Scythians when in the field and in scarcity of provisions used to let their horses blood, which they drank, and sustained themselves by that diet: "Venit et epoto Sarmata pastus equo."