Qui vero odor, quod maxi me mireris, in extrema parte petali caudam referentis, residet; qua abicissa, omnis cessat odoris expiratio.

This was a woman of mean condition; and, amongst that class of people, 'tis no very new thing to see some examples of rare virtue: "Extrema per illos Justitia excedens terris vestigia fecit." The other two were noble and rich, where examples of virtue are rarely lodged.

Poetical, cf. 20. Et quod patiuntur, sc. proves that they are not of German origin. They paid tribute as foreigners. The Gothini were probably a remnant of the expelled Boii. Cf. note, 28, and Prichard, as there cited. Hence their Gallic language. Quo magis pudeat. Subj. Pauca campestrium. Poetical, but not uncommon in the later Latin. So 41: secretiora Germaniae; His. 4, 28: extrema Galliarum.

"Never saw men who showed less stomach to the work," answered Dwining "never. But here come a brace of them. Venit extrema dies. He, he, he!" Eviot and his companion Buncle now approached, with sullen resolution in their faces, like men who had made their minds up to resist that authority which they had so long obeyed. "How now!" said Ramorny, stepping forward to meet them.

G. 45: in ortus, note. Scilicet cadit. This explanation proceeds on the assumption that night is caused by the shadow of mountains, behind which the sun sets; and since these do not exist in that level extremity of the earth, the sun has nothing to set behind, and so there is no night. The astronomy of T. is about of a piece with his natural philosophy, cf. 10. Extrema terrarum.

South of Juby comes historic Cape Bojador, the 'Gorbellied, and Cabo Blanco, which is to northern what Cabo Negro is to southern Africa. The sole remarkable events in its life are, firstly, its being named by Ptolemy Granaria Extrema, whence the Canarii peoples south-west of the Moroccan Atlas and our corrupted 'Canaries; and, secondly, its rediscovery by one Goncalez Baldeza in 1440.

"Sacra sub extremâ, si forte requiritis, horâ Cur Leo non potuit sumere: Vendiderat." The spirit of Luther had penetrated through the walls of Rome; and though all tongues but those of statues might be silenced, eyes were not blinded, nor could ears be made deaf.

"Concerning what, my friend?" inquired the great man, rather absently. "Concerning everything, Eminence," answered Gouache "concerning politics, religion, life, death, and everything else which belongs to my career. I am going to enlist with the Zouaves." The Cardinal looked at him for a moment, and then broke into a low laugh. "Extremis malis extrema remedial!" he exclaimed.

Dierum spatia ultra nostri orbis mensuram, et nox clara et extrema Britanniae parte brevis, ut finem atque initium lucis exiguo discrimine internoscas. Quod si nubes non officiant, aspici per noctem solis fulgorem, nec occidere et exsurgere, sed transire affirmant. Scilicet extrema et plana terrarum, humili umbra, non erigunt tenebras, infraque coelum et sidera nox cadit.

"Here are the keys, here are the letters from Capitan Tiago. Burn them! Don't leave a single European newspaper, for they're very dangerous. Here are the copies of The Times that I've kept for wrapping up soap and old clothes. Here are the books." "Go to the Captain-General, cousin," said Don Primitivo, "and leave us alone. In extremis extrema.