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I see quite enough Protestant rogues and liars, to prevent my having any pleasure in proving Romanists, or any other persons, rogues and liars also. But I am if not fond of you at least sufficiently fond to be anxious for your good name. You used to be an open- hearted fellow enough. Do prove to the world that coelum, non animum mutant, qui trans mare currunt.

John Bold sometimes thinks of this, when he is talking loudly of the rights of the bedesmen, whom he has taken under his protection; but he quiets the suggestion within his breast with the high-sounding name of justice: "Fiat justitia, ruat coelum."

The narrative in the first volume will give the general reader a vivid but insufficient conception of the stupendous work upon which he so brilliantly labored for nearly a decade of years. Coelum, non animum, mutant who come with such a spirit to a wider and, scientifically, less developed continent.

We have become reluctant to grant these, our highest and last honors, further. We would gladly hold them yet back from the little remnant of that immortal band. Serus in coelum redeas. Illustrious as are your merits, yet far, O very far distant be the day, when any inscription shall bear your name, or any tongue pronounce its eulogy!

It is intersected and cut up by straits and seas of ignorance. The author of Ecce Coelum has declared: 'Things die out under the microscope into the same unfathomed and, so far as we can see, unfathomable mystery, into which they die off beyond the range of our most powerful telescope. This sense of the circumambient unknown has become cardinal with the best spirits of the age.

In the centre was the figure of a human eye to denote watchfulness. Above the eye was the word, Committee, beneath, Vigilance; then the name, San Francisco. Around the edge of the seal ran the legends: "Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum. No creed; no party; no sectional issues."

In his very walk the character of the man was indicated firm, steady, imperturbable, straightforward. Fiat justitia ruat coelum. Proverb Justice, the miracle worker among men. "I thought you were never coming to see me," said Erica, putting down a newspaper and looking up with eager welcome at Charles Osmond, who had just been announced.

She has no Secrets, forsooth, which should make her afraid to speak her Mind, and therefore she is impertinently Blunt to all her Acquaintance, and unseasonably Imperious to all her Family. This and other things are impatiently expected from you by our whole Sex; among the rest by, Your most humble Servant, No. 80. Friday, June 1, 1711. Steele. 'Coelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.

But whether we translate by turns or by villages, it comes to the same thing. Cf. Caes. Camporum, arva, ager, soli, terrae, &c. These words differ from each other appropriately as follows: Terra is opposed to mare et coelum, viz. earth. Solum is the substratum of any thing, viz. solid ground or soil. Campus is an extensive plain or level surface, whether of land or water, here fields.

And the author of the Imitation puts the same thing admirably when he says: "Obscurior etiam via ad coelum videbatur quando tam pauci regnum coelorum quaerere curabant,"+ the fewer there are who follow the way to perfection, the harder that way is to find.

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