There is nothing assured but the sad life of this world. Horace, the Roman poet, is of my opinion when he says: Serus in cælum redeas."

It is asserted by a tragic poet, "est nemo miser nisi comparatus;" which, by substituting one single word, is exactly applicable to our present subject; "est nemo serus nisi comparatus." All early rising is relative; what is early to one, is late to another, and vice versâ.

How do you suppose that unskillful scholars are to live, if Fields should one day die? Serus in coelum redeat! Affectionately yours and his, Surely the grace and friendly charm of these conversational notes warrant their preservation even to those who are not held by the personal attraction which lay behind them. Again he writes:

And, sir, in view of his venerable years, so lightly borne, his interest in all the active affairs of men, and his continued powers of social enjoyment, I may well repeat the wish of the poet Horace, expressed in one of his invocations to the Emperor Augustus: 'Serus in coelum redeas." Major Poore said: "Mr.

But if ever there wur an angel upon arth she is one; she says such kind things to my dear mistress, and does not blame her for her fault; for, thof she be as innocent herself as the child unborn, she can pity the misfortins of her own sect, when they a bin betrayed by false hearted men; and all that she says is that we mun take care to be more be-cautioned for the time to come: and then she says it in so sweet, and yet so serus a manner, that I am sure no Christian soul if they'd a heard her would dare do other than as she says.

Eheu! jam serus vitam ingemo relictam!" Julian read the letter many times; he was touched by its delicate and eloquent sorrow its fine and chastened thoughtfulness. He was no longer in a mood to work, but closed his books, and watched the faces in the fire.

"Dat's des w'at I lak ter know, fer I tells you, chile, dis mar'in' business orful serus." "He would take me only when I went to him of my own free will and not before. I feel just as safe with him as with you. I believe he would do what I asked just as he minds that general of his. That's the wonderful part of it, which almost takes away my breath.

The titles of many are preserved, and give some index to the character of the contents. We have some in Greek, e.g. Marcopolis or peri archaes, a sort of Varro's Republic, after the manner of Plato; Hippokyon, Kynoppaetor, and others, satirizing the cynic philosophy. Many are in the shape of proverbs, e.g. Longe fugit qui suos fugit, gnothi seauton, nescis quid vesper serus vehat.

We have become reluctant to grant these, our highest and last honors, further. We would gladly hold them yet back from the little remnant of that immortal band. Serus in coelum redeas. Illustrious as are your merits, yet far, O very far distant be the day, when any inscription shall bear your name, or any tongue pronounce its eulogy!

"Oh, you go long, honey. Doan you make light ob serus tings." "I'm doing nothing of the kind, Aun' Sheba. I've too much respect for you." "Oh, well, honey, sich as you gits 'ligion jes as you did de measles. It's kin ob bawn an' baptize inter yez wen you doan know it. But I'se got to hab a po'ful conwiction ob sin fust, an' dats de trouble wid me.