Will you take me to Carcajou in good time? I can't afford to miss it. Too many needing me just now east of here!" "Ay, I take you if Hugo he no worse. But if tings is goin' wrong, I'll let Papineau do it. I I can't leaf no more. Vhen I starts from here I tank I can't stand it a moment but vhen I get off on de road, I gets grazy to come back. I I don't know vhat I vants!"

He turned his huge frame between her and the instrument. "Git a move!" he shouted into the mouthpiece. "Good-bye!" and he hung up. Then he turned back toward the angry girl. "Look here," he said. "Once youse was strong on de sob stuff wit me, tellin' me how noble I was, an' all de different tings youse would do fer me to repay all I done fer youse. Now youse got de chanct."

Dey will talk wid one anoder, and Miss Alice been hear all de ole nigger's talk many a time, and she don't want to hear it ober and ober all de time; and beside dat, young massa, sometimes when I tells bout de ole folks, she trimbles and cries. She's got a mity soft heart bout some tings, and she tells me I mus tell you eberyting."

It was naturally cold. The man began with a plea for some "clodin." We began with a plea for some children. How many would he swap for a start in clothing and "tings for his winter"? He picked out and gave us Jimmie. The soft-hearted mate, on whose cheeks the tears were literally standing, grabbed Jimmie as the latter did his share of the gull. But we were not satisfied. We had to have Willie.

I vant serve Señor Brown, not dat Farnham no more. No, no! once, maybe, I tink dat man ver' nice; I tink him good friend; he say much promise Mercedes. Now I tink dat no more I know he lie all de time; I see tings as dey vas right, an' I try be good girl. You sabe all dat, señor?" "I understand some of it at least," and he smiled back into her pleading eyes, "enough to trust you.

Ach, Gott, he tells me ven all der tings are got, und de tickets too, have I some money left I shall buy a ring, und then, she clutched my arm with both her hands, and dropped her head forward on them, as she continued in a stifled voice, und then we go to a minister and straight we get married. "And," continued Mr.

You vud never tink dot to see him. I got it in my little office, behind dot partition, in a drawer. You come along. To-morrow is New Year's" here he glanced up the stairs to be sure that Masie was out of hearing "and I bought dat lace for a present for my little girl vat you saw joost now she loves dem old tings. She has got more as a vardrobe full of dem. Vait till I untie it. Look!

"All sorts o' tings, massa; guns, and pistols, and close. Dis nigger help take de tings out ob her." "What is she doing now in the bay?" "Loadin' wid cotton de steamers fotch down." "Where does she lie now?" "Jes' off de ole Fort Lafitte, whar de water's deep." In less than half an hour the party reached the locality indicated by Job.

"Maybe I say so some time ven I know eet bettah how eet ought to be; si, maybe so. But not now; I not tink it be jus' right to say now. I not angry no, no! I ver' glad you tink so of Mercedes it make me mooch joy. I not cry for dat, señor; I cry for odder tings. Maybe you know some time, an' be ver' sorry vid me. But I not cry any more. See, I stan' up straight, an' look you in de face dis vay."

"Why this delay, Francois? why not start directly?" urged the taller officer; "we shall never clear the river in time; and if the dawn catches us in the waters of the Detroit, we are lost for ever." "But you see I am not quite prepare yet," was the answer. "I have many tings to get ready for de canoe, which I have not use for a long times. But you shall not wait ten minute, if you do not like.