Dey see dat dey no believe in fetish any more, but dat ebery ebening when de work is ober, dey gadder under de big tree and listen for half an hour while I read to dem and den sing a hymn. Once a year I send down to de coast and get up plenty cloth, and hoes for de gardens, and eberyting dey want. When I land here ten year ago I hab eight hundred pound. I got five hundred ob him left here still.

In de big yard betwixt de house an' de stables de men was feedin' dere hosses, an' we had a great pot ob coffee bilin' fo' dem, too, an' oder tings, fo' de missus sed dere sogers mus' hab eberyting she had. "Well, bimeby, as I was helpin' put de tings on de table, I heared shots way off at de foot ob de lawn.

He'p us git young mistis sens'ble en I tell you eberyting I kin. Dere ain' not'n bade 'bout dis honey lam' ob mine." They undressed the girl as if she were a helpless child and put her to bed, and then Zany went downstairs to keep Mrs. Baron out of the way if possible, at the same time listening intently for any signs of trouble to Chunk.

Make you berry comfortable, sar. Great honor for dis village dat you come here. Plenty eberyting for you, fowl, and eggs, and plantain, and sometime a sheep." "We have, indeed, fallen into the lap of luxury," Mr. Goodenough said to Frank; and they followed the negro to his hut. "I suppose the old man has been employed in one of the factories upon the coast."

Me crawl up among de trees and see eberyting; no fear whatsomeber." Dominique stripped and started down the path, while the rest retired into the shelter of the trees. An anxious two hours passed, the party listening intently for any sound that might tell of Dominique's being discovered.

Chunk, who was stuffing a chicken and cornbread into a haversack, reassured her. "Doan you worry, Miss Lou," he said. "Dis yere chicken gwine ter foller 'im right slam troo eberyting till hit cotch up," and he galloped after his new "boss" in a way to make good his words. Miss Lou sank wearily on the doorstep of Aun' Jinkey's cabin where the reader first made her acquaintance.

Not a word, but gib up eberyting. De missus was so beat out wid fear, dat she say, 'Gib him eberyting. An' Missy S'wanee, more'n half-dead, too, began to gib dere watches an' jewels. De man put dem in his pocket, an' den he lay his hands on Missy S'wanee, to take off her ring. Den she scream, an' I flew at 'im an' tried to tear his eyes out.

'Well, sais she, 'now mind you keep all your secrets to yourself when travellin', and keep your eyes open wide, and see eberyting and say nuffin'. "'Missus, sais I, 'I will be wide awake; you may pend on me eyes as big as two dog-wood blossoms, and ears open like mackarel. "'What you got for dinner to-day? she say jist as you say, Massa.

"Yes, honey, dat he did gib us Fourth of July a plenty o' holiday a beef kilt, a mutton, hogs, salt, pepper, an' eberyting. He hab a gre't trench dug, and a whole load of wood put in it an' burned down to coals. Den dey put wooden spits across, an' dey had spoons an' basted de meat. An' we 'vite all de culled people aroun', an' dey come, an' we had fine times."

"Here me am, sar, wid eberyting dat's wanted; two files and some oil, de rope-ladder, de short rope for us to slide down, and de long thin rope and de piece ob wood six feet long and thick as de wrist." They at once set to work with the files, and in an hour had sawn through two bars, making a hole sufficiently wide for them to pass.