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They went aroun' whippin' niggahs. They'd get young girls and strip 'em sta'k naked, and put 'em across barrels, and whip 'em till the blood run out of 'em, and then they would put salt in the raw pahts. And ah seen it, and it was as bloody aroun' em as if they'd stuck hogs. "I sho' is glad I ain't no slave no moah. Ah thank God that ah lived to pas the yeahs until the day of 1937.

"You give me gun. See I am Wampus!" Sheepishly enough the Mexican surrendered the other weapon. "Now turn aroun' an' go to hotel," commanded the chauffeur. The man obeyed. Wampus turned to the girls, who were now not only relieved but on the verge of laughter and said deprecatingly: "Do not be scare, for poor man he make no harm. He jus' try a goozle no dare shoot here in town.

"Pesita wants you to send Esteban to him. I didn't have no chance to tell you last night while them pikers was stickin' aroun', so I stops now on my way back to the hills." "I will send Esteban tonight if I can get him; but I do not know. Esteban is working for the pig, Grayson." "Wot's he doin' fer Grayson?" asked Billy. "And what was the Grayson guy doin' up here with you, Jose?

"He means ge-ol-o-gist," said the old man, who had no little trouble with the right word himself. "A feller come in here three year ago with a hammer an' went to peckin' aroun' in the rocks here, an' that boy was with him all the time. Thar don't seem to be much the feller didn't tell Jason an' nothin' that Jason don't seem to remember.

As if it wa'n't enough to have to eat fish, an' talk fish, an' smell fish, year in an' year out, but you must go an' bring a live fish home to flop aroun' the house an' keep gittin' under a body's feet every way they turn! An' what's he goin' to eat, anyways, I'd like to know?"

"It would be a right smart risk," Price went on, "for they'd maybe think to drop aroun' that way on a lookout for you; but I reckon before you do much more, you better drop in at the Mallory place." Rathburn rose abruptly. "I guess that's what I came up here to hear you say," he said irritably. "But I don't reckon it can be done, Joe. I haven't any business there." "How do you know, boy?

Ann Pease visibly swelled, but she marched up, and without looking at either, shook hands with each of her enemies. "Hallelujah, praise de Lord," shouted the preacher, clapping his hands, "Behold how good and how pleasant it is; and now let the congregation in gineral come aroun' and welcome Brothah and Sistah Pease."

"Now about this tam some red fox he'll be lie down over those ridge an' watch Wiesacajac an' those goose. This fox he'll be hongree, too, for he'll ain't got no goose. He'll been thief, too, all same like every fox. So he'll see Wiesacajac walk off in woods, an' he'll smell aroun' an' he'll sneak down to the camp where those goose will be with his feet stick out of ashes.

"Everybody know some tam a bear wake up too soon in winter and come out of his hole and roll aroun' lak he was drunk. He can't find somesing to eat nowhere, and don' know what to do! "This bear him catch his paw in Michel's little fox trap. It was chain to a little tree. Bear too weak to pull his paw out or break the chain. He lie down lak dead. "Michel him ver' mad.

Man! wake up an' see what's afore yer eyes!" "What is it, Stubbs?" "Gold! Gold! Gold! The stuff thet outside here yer haster fight ter git a pinch of, the stuff I've sailed aroun' the worl' ter git a handful of; the stuff ye've come so far on the bare chance of seein'." "It's here, then? The treasure is here?" "More than ever ye dreamed of.