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"The artillerymen sprang at the old pump like true Britons, and began to sponge it out as if they had been bred to gunnery from childhood, while the limber was detached and galloped to the rear. In this operation the cart was smashed to pieces, and the two hindmost horses were thrown; but this mattered little, as they had got round a corner, and the French did not see it.

Away he dashed with sledge attached; he made straight for the other ponies, but finding the incubus still fast to him he went in wider circles, galloped over hills and boulders, narrowly missing Ponting and his camera, and finally dashed down hill to camp again pretty exhausted oddly enough neither sledge nor pony was much damaged. Then we departed again in the same order.

W. rode off with it, a horse was imperfectly saddled for me, and I mounted him, with my bag, straps, spurs, and a package of ferns in one hand, and my plaid over the saddle, while Mrs. W. stuffed the rest of my possessions into a clothes bag, and the Chinaman ran away frantically to catch a horse on which to ride down with them. I galloped off after Mr.

"I had expected, from the way our friends galloped after us this afternoon, that a body of savage rebels were at their heels," said the lieutenant, "and I confess that when we reached the house I fancied that we should have had to stand to our arms, and defend ourselves as best we could.

The Venetian captain soon saw that his only chance was to retreat or he must be killed, if not taken prisoner, so he galloped off at full speed towards San Bonifacio. He was followed for some distance, but the Good Knight then caused the retreat to be sounded, and the pursuers returned, but with great spoils of prisoners and horses.

Mumu, as usual, stayed behind to wait for him. Then Stepan, seizing his chance, suddenly pounced on her, like a kite on a chicken, held her down to the ground, gathered her up in his arms, and without even putting on his cap, ran out of the yard with her, got into the first fly he met, and galloped off to a market-place.

Bluff King Harry had no thought of doing anything else. The doubt which shook the souls of some of his followers, did not enter his. "So we intend, my lord," he briefly answered, and rode forward. For a moment the two kings remained face to face, gazing upon each other in silence. Then came a burst of music, and, spurring their horses, they galloped forward, and in an instant were hand in hand.

Sending orders for Ewell and A.P. Hill to attack at once, he galloped forward, unattended by either staff officer or orderly, and found himself in the midst of his own men, his soldiers of the Valley, no longer presenting the stubborn front of Bull Run or Kernstown, but an ungovernable mob, breaking rapidly to the rear, and on the very verge of panic.

"And how chanced it that you saved your head, Lucien?" asked the Count. "Save it I didn't save it; but a most excellent friend of mine a friend in need galloped up and saved it for me." "Yes," replied Beauchamp, "our gallant friend, Maximilian Morrel, the Captain of Spahis now colonel of a regiment, and in the direct line of promotion to the first vacant bâton eh, Lucien?

"Oh, never mind that; the ride will interest you just the same." And he lifted her to the horse, sprang on another, caught her bridle, lest she should rebel, and galloped up the road. When they were on the other side of hill he slackened speed and looked at her with a smile. She was inclined to be angry, but found herself watching the varying expressions of his mouth, which diverted her mind.

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