I assured him that it was of no consequence. "Perhaps," he replied, looking steadily at me through his keen, half-shut eyes, "you vill not say zat ven you regard ze 'ole. And you others, I spik to you: sometimes von loses a somzing vich is qvite near all ze time. It is ver' droll, eh? my vord, ha, ha, ha!" And he ambled off, with an aggressively fiendish laugh that chilled my blood.

"Sure and sartin," answered Becky, dropping her mutilated courtesy, "I be's glad it be found now, instead of sum days afore, or I might have been vicked enough to let it go with the rest to the pop-shop; and I'm sure the times out of mind ven that 'ere boy was a h-urchin that I've risted the timtashung and said, 'No, Becky Carruthers, that maun't go to my h-uncle's!"

I sang ze Marseillaise you know?" "Yes," said Tom, "but that was years ago." "But we are suspect. Zey have write it all down. Nossing zey forget. Zey take me to work out of Alsace. Maybe to ze great Krupps. I haf' to work in ze fields in Prussia maybe. You see? Ven zey come I must go. Tonight, maybe. Tomorrow. Maybe not yet " She struggled to master her emotion and continued.

'Precisely what my uncle said, ven he vent into the public line, remarked Sam, 'and wery right the old gen'l'm'n wos, for he drank hisself to death in somethin' less than a quarter. Mr.

As all the chairs in the living room were very plain, made of solid oak, with bullhide seats and backs, this remark was received with laughter. "Go aheadt!" said Carl. "Ven you ain'dt drough, let me know. I know your own bizziness.

And as hitherto we have seen him passive, bearing his weight of pain with patience, after that letter we shall find him in action. Old Bates' letter was handed him three weeks after the scratching of his vague "VEN".

But, you know, wot's a cove to do ven a hangel comes to him and axes sitch rum questions?" Again he laughed, and again stopped short in pain. "I'm so sorry! Does it feel very painful? You can't think how constantly I've been thinking of you since the accident; for it was all my fault. If I hadn't jumped up in such a passion, the pony wouldn't have run away, and you wouldn't have been hurt.

"Sure, but he also say dat ve all may die mit old age before it is over yet." "Don't forget der plague!" said Jan. They groaned mightily as they lifted the heavy chests to their shoulders and started for the door. "Close der door, Jan," commanded Von Blitz from the passage. "Ve vill light der fuse ven ve haf got beyond der first bend. Vat? Look! By tam, von of you swine has broke der fuse. Vait!

He has frozen to deh fringe off dat Sugar crowd ess t'ough some von hat nipped 'is scarf-pin unt he vos layin' for him ass he game out. He hasn't made a trade to-tay unt yet he sticks like a stamp-tax. I ben keeping my eyes on him for I t'ought he hat someding up his sleeve dat might raise tust ven he tropt id. I dink Parry has hat deh same itear.

"You must not mind that I vas so cross yesterday," he went on, "it vas because I vas so impatient ven I hear you vanted to amputate dot girl's leg off. But I forget," he said magnanimously, "you do not know how to set de badly splintered bones so dey vill knit, as I do. Bring all de doctors in you vant to, and all de nurses too. Ve vill haf a Klinick."