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The instant the natives turned to flee the ape-man's savage cry rang out above the shrieks of the blacks, and in answer to it Sheeta and the apes leaped growling after the fugitives. Some of the warriors turned to battle with their enraged antagonists, but before the fiendish ferocity of the fierce beasts they went down to bloody death.

"We're finished, as far as the contest is concerned," said Agony gloomily. Sahwah turned her back sharply and winked her eyes hard to keep the tears from falling. She had worked so hard to build Many Eyes, and here was all her work gone for nothing, all on account of that fiendish goat! "Somebody will have to go and tell the Scouts that we withdraw our entry, I suppose," said Migwan.

Your pride was stronger than your love; and as I was determined that you should have my daughter, I proposed a mock marriage." "Monster! You, her father, planned that fiendish act!" and Alice's blue eyes flashed indignantly upon him, while Hugh, forgetting that the idea was not new to him, walked up before the "monster," as if to lay him at his feet.

That very night my kinsman's foe knowing nothing of my arrival came to the castle, took the small body of defenders by surprise, overcame them, and set the place on fire. Fiendish and revengeful though the marauders were, I believe they would not wantonly have murdered the helpless ones, had they known of their being in the place, but they knew it not until too late.

Six were buried in one grave, and all were in a perfectly nude state, the fiendish brutes having appropriated to their own use every article of wearing apparel. We had a coffin made for each one. When disinterred they were placed in coffins made of white wood, and their names written on the covers.

"Come on, father! Who says we can't make bricks without straw? I'll bet anything we can!" So they worked together steadily, and for an hour or two the inventor was so busy in cutting out tiny branches of imaginary holly with a very small chisel that he did not look once at the plate glass from which his engine seemed to be grinning at him, in fiendish delight over his misfortunes.

Cump Glass had done his fiendish work well; those straps strained, but they held. "Name of Glory!" shouted out the observer. "He done tie hisse'f on! He done tie hisse'f " Overcome he choked. With a great sweeping, swooping heave Mittie May made the last leap.

In that moment he was unmindful of his own torture, in his dread contemplation of his loved one's shaming and torment. He shut his eyes that he might not see all that followed. The brutal soldiery took a fiendish delight in fulfilling the order given them. They literally rent the clothes off the beautiful girl in strips and ribbons.

With one accord, they raised their eyes to the ceiling and uttered a terrible cry. The chandelier, the immense mass of the chandelier was slipping down, coming toward them, at the call of that fiendish voice. Released from its hook, it plunged from the ceiling and came smashing into the middle of the stalls, amid a thousand shouts of terror. A wild rush for the doors followed.

He must meet that truth with his own true stuff with his own inborn strength. Principles won't do. Acquisitions, clothes, pretty rags rags that would fly off at the first good shake. No; you want a deliberate belief. An appeal to me in this fiendish row is there? Very well; I hear; I admit, but I have a voice, too, and for good or evil mine is the speech that cannot be silenced.

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