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It was not without reason that the Latins gave the name of Finis terrae to this district. We had arrived exactly at such a place as in my boyhood I had pictured to myself as the termination of the world, beyond which there was a wild sea, or abyss, or chaos. I now saw far before me an immense ocean, and below me a long and irregular line of lofty and precipitous coast.

'And behind it a house and garden, small but dainty? 'Yes, my lord. 'Then I trust your majesty will release me from suspicion of being of those to whom the prophet Isaias saith, "Vae qui conjungitis domum ad domum, et agrum agro copulatis usque ad terminum loci: numquid habitabitis vos soli in medio terrae?"

Formavit Deus hominem ex limo terrae et inspiravit in faciem ejus spiraculum vitae et factus est homo in animam viventem: ille enim spiritus, quam Deus spiravit, anima rationalis fuit, et PER EADEM FACTUS EST HOMO VIVENS, ET CONSQUENTER, ETIAM SENTIENS. "Aliud est ex VIII. Synodo Generali quae est Constantinopolitana IV. can. 11, qui sic habet. "De causa formali substantiali," § x.

Terra ipsa fluminum aquis maxime rigua. Dividitur in provincias sex; quas illi Mani, id est, Praefecturas, vocant. Sunt autem Bamba, Songo, Sundi, Pango, Batta et Pemba. Regia est, civitas S. Salvatoris, quae ante Banza. Monomotapa Regnum. Monomotapa vocabulum significat Imperatorem; unde ipsi terrae, cui hic imperat, nomen inditum.

But the style of these conventions, as delivered by several authors, is very various; sometimes it is comites, barones, et cleri; his marriage was agreed on, consilio majorum natu et magnatum terrae. One author calls it concilium principum, sacerdotum, et reliqui populi.

The word per, in the phrase "per judicium parium suorum," of course means precisely what it does in the next phrase, "per legem terrae;" where it obviously means according to, and not by, as it is usually translated.

The 'terrae filius' was sometimes expelled the university on account of the licence of his speech. and two children, whereof one a very pretty little boy, like him, so fat and black. Here I saw the organ; but it is too big for my house, and the fashion do not please me enough; and therefore will not have it.

My Historia stirpium plantarum utriusque orbis is an extensive fragment of a Flora universalis terrae and a part of my Systema naturae. Besides increasing the number of our known species by more than a third, I have also contributed somewhat to the natural system of plants and to a knowledge of their geography.

This mode of trial was nearly extinct at the time of Magna Carta, and it is not likely that it was included in "legem terrae," as that term is used in that instrument.

And that it should be in the midst of the world, David witnesseth it in the Psalter, where he saith, DEUS OPERATUS EST SALUTEM IN MEDIA TERRAE. Then, they, that part from those parts of the west for to go toward Jerusalem, as many journeys as they go upward for to go thither, in as many journeys may they go from Jerusalem unto other confines of the superficiality of the earth beyond.