And still the sun and the moon, Sol and Mani, are followed by the wolves of Jötunheim." Such wonders did Heimdall with the Golden Teeth tell Hnossa, the youngest of the Dwellers in Asgard.

In the presence of none of them did he mention the name of Surja Mukhi, but all were grieved at the sorrow expressed by his grave countenance. The old servants, saluting him, went aside and wept. One person only did Nagendra wound. With the long-sorrowing Kunda he did not speak. By the orders of Nagendra the servants prepared his bed in Surja Mukhi's room. At this order Kamal Mani shook her head.

Many of the mystics show a desire to revert to the Esoteric Christianity dear to Saint John, the disciple whom Jesus loved; or to that of Mani, whose doctrine unjustly distorted by his detractors was concerned with direct initiation and final mergence in the Divinity.

This sloka beginning with mani and ending with prabham is omitted in the Bombay text, I don't think rightly. If anything that seems to be a repetition is to be omitted. 52. i.e. "have fallen away from a celestial state." In sloka 13, the Bengal texts read Bhayanakas for mahavalas. In 15 Mudhabhishekas for Purvabhishekas is substituted in the Bombay text.

This sect, if sect it may be called, owed its origin to a certain Majus Mani, banished from Persia under the Sassanides; this Mani was a talented man, highly civilised through his studies and voyages in distant lands. In his exile he conceived the idea of putting himself forward as the reformer of the religions of all the peoples he had visited, and of reducing them all to one universal religion.

Ardashir had bound church and state together in the closest union: no worship but the Zoroastrian was allowed in his dominions. This was mainly aimed at the Christians, and must have caused them much discomfort. But Mani, it would seem, rose against all this narrow-ness.

After some difficulty I found the remains of a broad path that divided into two; one of them led to a second ruined temple, fully a mile off, and the other I followed to a grove, in which was a gigantic chait; it was a beautiful lane throughout, bordered with bamboo, brambles, gay-flowered Melastomaceae like hedge-roses, and scarlet Erythrina: there were many old mendongs and chaits on the way, which I was always careful to leave on the right hand in passing, such being the rule among Boodhists, the same which ordains that the praying-cylinder or "Mani" be made to revolve in a direction against the sun's motion.

It is the absorption or relapsing into the great First Principle, whence all life is derived a state so pure that the human is lost in the divine. "Lamp of the law! I take my refuge in thy name and Thee! I take my refuge in thy Law of Good! I take my refuge in thy Order! Om! The dew is on the Lotus! rise, Great Sun! And lift my leaf and mix me with the wave. Om Mani Padme Hum, the Sunrise comes!

The girls and boys were dancing, singing, and clapping their hands. Kamal Mani was going round directing that shells should be blown and other joyous demonstrations, laughing, crying, and even dancing. Hira was astonished. Stepping into the throng, she stretched her neck and peeped about.

The larger Lamaseries support one or more Lama sculptors, who travel to the most inaccessible spots in the district, in order to carve on cliffs, rocks, stones, or on pieces of horn, the everlasting inscription, "Omne mani padme hun," which one sees all over the country.