Captain Brooke wrote to me to know if I would take this family of children into the school two girls, Limo and Ambat, and two boys, Esau and Nigo. If I could not take them, he said, they must be sent back to their own country immediately, as there was a boat departing the next day.

I doubted whether I ought to take a pupil so afflicted, for it is decidedly catching. I found that Ambat and Nigo had both patches of it here and there from contact with Esau, whereas Limo, who was older, more clothed, and who slept apart, was quite free.

In a letter, written about a year after they came to us, I find this passage: "I have only four girls who can read English and understand it. My two little Dyaks, Limo and Ambat, are very fond of learning English hymns, and say them in such a plaintive, touching voice, pronouncing each syllable so clearly, but they don't understand it until it has been explained to them in Malay.

Formavit Deus hominem ex limo terrae et inspiravit in faciem ejus spiraculum vitae et factus est homo in animam viventem: ille enim spiritus, quam Deus spiravit, anima rationalis fuit, et PER EADEM FACTUS EST HOMO VIVENS, ET CONSQUENTER, ETIAM SENTIENS. "Aliud est ex VIII. Synodo Generali quae est Constantinopolitana IV. can. 11, qui sic habet. "De causa formali substantiali," § x.

However, I drew a little picture of the women setting her to draw large bamboos full of water, and to beat out the paddy with a long pole very hard work, and always done by the young girls, a more truthful and less delightful view of things; so Limo said she would stay with me until she was grown up. I gave her a pair of trousers for each of the men, a present generally much esteemed.

Cicero pays him this high compliment, in his Limo Tu quoque, qui solus lecto sermone, Terenti, Conversum expressumque Latina voce Menandrum In medio populi sedatis vocibus offers, Quidquid come loquens, ac omnia dulcia dicens.

Ambat always repeats what Limo says, so I do not know how much is her own: she is Limo's sister. Ango and Llan, the other two girls, have been taught by Miss Rocke, who has given them to me; they know but little, but are gentle children. They had newly white-washed their dining-room the week before, and decked it with boughs, so that it looked very nice with six lanterns hanging from the roof.

See ante, iii. 124, for mention of her father and brother. The verse in Martial is: 'Defluat, et lento splendescat turbida limo. In the common editions it has the number 45, and not 44. See ante, iii. 187. Johnson wrote on Nov. 27, 1772, 'I was yesterday at Chatsworth. They complimented me with playing the fountain and opening the cascade.

Limo's brother and uncle came this week from Sarebas two fine, tall men, with only chawats and earrings by way of clothes. Limo was delighted; she would have gone away with them in their great boat if I had allowed her. No doubt they told her how much they would do for her at Sarebas.

"Salvum me fac, Deus, quoniam intraverunt aquoe usque ad animam meam. "Infixus sum in limo profundi; et non est substantia." At the same time, another voice, separate from the choir, intoned upon the steps of the chief altar, this melancholy offertory, "Qui verbum meum audit, et credit ei qui misit me, habet vitam oeternam et in judicium non venit; sed transit a morte im vitam*."