'Mi gwrddais gynt a morwynig, Wrth odreu y Wyddfa wen, Un ysgafn ei throed fel yr ewig A gwallt fel y nos ar ei phen; Ei grudd oedd fel y rhosyn, Un hardd a gwen ei gwawr; Yn canu cân, a'i defaid mân, O'r Wyddfa'n d'od i lawr.

Therefore in the third Line, I would read, not, wyf, "I am," but wych, "bold," "Courageous;" &c. and in the fifth Line, I would read not f' enaid oedd, "my Soul or Ambition was," but ei enaid oedd, "His Soul, or Ambition was."

I will impale you on stakes, if I do not learn this minute where that poisonous reptile is, that son of a wild boar." "Ei! where our leader is?" cried one of the Libyans, pointing to a little crowd on horseback which was advancing slowly in the depth of the desert. "What is that?" inquired the prince. "The wretch Musawasa is fleeing!" said Patrokles, and he almost fell to the ground.

I saw a bridge on my right hand with five or six low arches over the river, which was here full of shoals. Asked a woman the name of the bridge. "PONT FAWR ei galw, sir." I was again amongst the real Welsh this woman had no English. I passed by several remarkable mountains, both on the south and northern side of the vale.

But in all you say about Guest, the impersonal note is wanting. You're jealous." "I'm nothing of the sort! But you'll at least allow me to resent seeing a friend of mine in the claws of this ... this vampire?" Krafft laughed. "Vampire is good! A poor, distraught " "Spare your phrases, Heinz. She's bad through and through, and stupid into the bargain." "Lulu stupid? EI, EI, Mada!

VIGINTI ET DUOS: the commoner order of the words is duos et viginti; see n. on 13 centum ... annos. EI SACERDOTIO: 'that sacred college'; i.e. the pontifical college consisting of the pontifex maximus and the inferior pontifices. REQUIRERET: see n. on 13 quaereretur. NIHIL: n. on 1, l. 1 quid. MIHI: dat. for acc. to emphasize the person.

Quae sibi eligit cum prole superuiuere, non habebitur de caetero fide digna. Attamen in simili causa, si vir non vult cremari cum vxore mortua, non minuit ei honorem. Et forte vinum nascitur ibi: quod mulieres bibunt, et non viri, vt sic mulieribus crescant barbae, sed mulieribus raduntur, et viris minime. De Ecclesia et corpore Saneti Thomae Apostoli.

Next time I will write more fully, but I can't possibly go on to-day, for my fingers do ache uncommonly. Munich, October 11th, at 1/4 to 12 at night, I write as follows: I have been at the Drittl comedy, but only went in time for the ballet, or rather the pantomime, which I had not before seen. It is called "Das von der fur Girigaricanarimanarischaribari verfertigte Ei."

For sensation itself is but vision nascent, not the cause of intelligence, but intelligence itself revealed as an earlier power in the process of self-construction. Makar, ilathi moi; Pater, ilathi moi Ei para kosmon, Ei para moiran Ton son ethigon!

Exinde amissis succedentium nominibus, sextus decimus dicebatur vel dicitur Melec Mandibron: sub isto steti ego per aliquod tempus stipendiarius in guerris suis contra Bedones, qui ei tunc temporis rebellabant. Miles quidem stipendiarius recipit de Curia pro anni Tempore 121. aureos, et sub tali stipendio seruit cum tribus equis et vno Camelo.