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In its beginning it summons this same man out of the corner and asks him to rely upon himself for the great and the small things of life, thus ultimately developing that sturdy citizen who knows the value of the axiom, "Ubi bene, ibi patria." The great deeds, the great dreams become possible for nation or for individual only through the constant performance of small deeds.

Liberti non multum supra servos sunt, raro aliquod momentum in domo, nunquam in civitate; exceptis duntaxat iis gentibus, quae regnantur: ibi enim et super ingenuos et super nobiles ascendunt: apud ceteros impares libertini libertatis argumentum sunt. XXVI. Fenus agitare et in usuras extendere, igno tum: ideoque magis servatur, quam si vetitum esset.

There was already a sweet secret bond between us her warning, and I was burning to find out the cause, the fountain-head, of that significant partiality shown to me. Why was the angel an angel? The question was all-important to me. On arriving at home with the sheriff I found a letter from Siegfried, and on the envelope the inscription, "Ibi, ubi, cito, citissime. N.B. Dr.

Et est ibi villa adhuc vocata Sychem, et in eo est mausoleum Ioseph patriarchae filij Iacob: ad cuius ossa visitanda sub deuotione non minus peregrini Iudaei adueniunt, quam Christiani. In qua fuit primum terrae mandatum corpus beati Ioannis Baptistae inter sacra corpora Helizaei, et Abdiae Prophetarum, vt quorum assimilibatur virtutibus in vita, corporibus iungeretur in sepultura.

I staid not here, but to Westminster Hall, and thence to Martin's, where he and she both within, and with them the little widow that was once there with her when I was there, that dissembled so well to be grieved at hearing a tune that her, late husband liked, but there being so much company, I had no pleasure here, and so away to the Hall again, and there met Doll Lane coming out, and 'par contrat did hazer bargain para aller to the cabaret de vin', called the Rose, and 'ibi' I staid two hours, 'sed' she did not 'venir', 'lequel' troubled me, and so away by coach and took up my wife, and away home, and so to Sir W. Batten's, where I am told that it is intended by Mr.

Rithmis et sensu verborum consociatum Psalterium Jesu, sic est opus hoc vocitatum, Qui legit intente, quocunque dolore prematur, Sentiet inde bonum, dolor ejus et alleviatur; Ergo pius legat hoc ejus sub amore libenter, Cujus ibi Nomen scriptum videt esse frequenter.

Evidently Robur did not intend to go over the top of these peaks; but probably he knew the passes of the Himalayas, among others that of Ibi Ganim, which the brothers Schlagintweit traversed in 1856 at a height of twenty-two thousand feet. And towards it he went.

Habebat enim ea tabula praeter scalam graduum latitudinis per medium sui extensam, aliam praeterea praticularem Nouae Franciae littoribus adiunctam, qua deprauatae latitudines, occasione, erroris Magnetis ibi commissae, castigarentur.

But of course at any given time and place men always believe in something or other; and this belief in something, indefinite at any place, at some time, cannot be a criterion of truth. It all amounts to this: since ubi Christus ibi Ecclesia, then Christus is where we are.

Ibi persenex decessit." Papadopoli, Hist. Gymn. Pata., ii. p. 210. This work is the chief authority for the facts which follow. The edition referred to is that of Venice, 1546. Quesiti et Inventioni, p. 115.

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