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Arminius left a name, which the historians of the nation against which he combated so long and so gloriously have delighted to honour. But his memory lived among them in the lays of their bards, who recorded "The deeds he did, the fields he won, The freedom he restored." Tacitus, many years after the death of Arminius, says of him, "Canitur adhuc barbaras apud gentes."

Some thought that our declining to receive the paper would be a declaration unfavourable to Dr. Knox. I think hearing it before Mr. Mr. Knox's friends undertook to deal with him about suffering the paper to be omitted for the present, while adhuc coram judice lis est. January 16. Nothing on the roll to-day, so I did not go to the Parliament House, but fagged at my desk till two. Dr.

'Now this new proprietor, said he to Edward, 'has shown mair gusto, as the Italians call it, in the short time he has had this domain, than that hound Malcolm, though I bred him here mysell, has acquired VITA ADHUC DURANTE. and now I talk of hounds, is not yon Ban and Buscar, who come scouping up the avenue with Davie Gallatley?

Rit. says: quae adhuc pectore clausa erant. Others still make it==etiam, even. Cf. note, 19. Retractatur. Reviewed, reconsidered. Salva ratio est. The proper relation of both times is preserved, or the advantage of both is secured, as more fully explained in the next member, viz. by discussing when they are incapable of disguise, and deciding, when they are not liable to mistake. Cf.

Tot premit ordinibus, tot adhuc compagibus altum AEdificat caput: Andromachen a fronte videbis; Post minor est: Altam credas. Juv.

Our opposites here bestir themselves, and move every stone against us. Three answers they give us, which we will now consider. First, They tell us that it is not certain that the apostles were sitting when they received this sacrament from Christ, and that adhuc sub judice lis est. Yet let us see what they have to say against the certainty hereof.

"Omnes Cardinales amicos nostros adivi; eisque demonstravi quam temere ac stulte fecerint in Roffensi in Cardinalem eligendo unde et potentissimum Regem et universum Regnum Angliæ mirum in modum lædunt et injuriâ afficiunt; Roffensem enim virum esse gloriosum ut propter vanam gloriam in suâ opinione contra Regem adhuc sit permansurus; quâ etiam de causâ in carcere est et morti condemnatus."

The experience of others. Nihil. So Cic. Phil. 1, 2: Nihil per senatum, etc. Cf. G. 19: adhuc, note. Ascire, al. accire. To receive into regular service. The reference is to the transfer of soldiers from the raw recruits to the legions. So W. followed by Dr.

Auspiciorum exigitur. Auspiciorum, here some other omens, than lots; such as the author proceeds to specify. Adhuc==ad hoc, praeterea, i.e. in addition to the lots. The sense is: besides drawing lots, the persuasion produced by auspices is required. Etiam hic. Hic is referred to Rome by some. But it was hardly needful for T. to inform the Romans of that custom at Rome. Proprium gentis.

The keenest desire of his condemned souls is that they may be remembered and talked of here on earth, and this is the chief solace that lightens the darkness of his Inferno. What more? Even of that holy man, seemingly the most indifferent to worldly vanity, the Poor Little One of Assisi, it is related in the Legenda Trium Sociorum that he said: Adhuc adorabor per totum mundum!