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Crawford and Sanders together had exposed him and driven him from the haunts of men to the hills. He hated them both with a bitter, morose virulence his soul could not escape. Throughout the day he continued to drink. This gave him no refuge from himself. He still brooded in the inferno of his own thought-circle. It is possible that a touch of madness had begun to affect his brain.

All flesh is frail, and anger has an easy time of it; not because this passion is so powerful, but because it is insidious and passes for a harmless little thing in its ordinary disguise. And yet all wrath does not manifest itself thus exteriorly. Still waters are deepest. An imperturbable countenance may mask a very inferno of wrath and hatred.

It was an inferno of shifting lights and long leaping shadows. I watched till daylight blotted out the yellow glare of the lanterns. Then I went home to get some sleep. And late that night when I came back I found her almost ready to sail. Out of taxis and automobiles chugging down in front of the pier, the passengers were pouring in.

'That is hell, and that is where ony laddie will go who does not repent and believe. "It was like Dante's Inferno, and I dared not take my eyes off his face. He blew out the candle, and we crept to the door trembling, not able to say one word. "That night I could not sleep, for I thought I might be in the fire before morning.

If it were not that you must have heard it so often, Kirby, I would tell you that your works look like Dante's Inferno." Kirby laughed. "Yes. Yonder is Farinata himself in the burning tomb," pointing to some figure in the shimmering shadows. "Judging from some of the faces of your men," said the other, "they bid fair to try the reality of Dante's vision, some day."

They would say she had no influence; they would despise her. Costanza wept, but Mrs. Fisher was unmoved. In slow and splendid Italian, with the roll of the cantos of the Inferno, she informed her that she would pay no bills till the following week, and that meanwhile the food was to be precisely as good as ever, and at a quarter the cost. Costanza threw up her hands. Next week, proceeded Mrs.

The day drew apparently into a tormenting eternity; the physical effort he welcomed; it seemed to exhaust that devil in him which had so nearly betrayed and ruined him forever in the morning; but the shifting slippery hay, the fiery dust, the incandescent blaze created an inferno in the midst of which his mind whirled with monotonous giddy images and half-meaningless phrases spoken and re-spoken.

After my wonted fashion I read half a dozen of these authors together, so that it would be hard to say which I began with, but I had really a devotion to Dante, though not at that time, or ever for the whole of Dante. During my first year in Venice I met an ingenious priest, who had been a tutor in a patrician family, and who was willing to lead my faltering steps through the "Inferno."

It was the first time she had ever found herself on the working side of the vast machinery of artistic pleasure, and her first impression was that she had been torn from an artificial paradise and was being dragged through an artificial inferno.

"It has been borne upon me lately," said Phineas, "that patriotism is an amazing virtue." Doggie drew a foot out of the mud so as to find a less precarious purchase higher up the slope. "And I've been thinking, Phineas, whether it's really patriotism that has brought you and me into this what can we call it? Dante's Inferno is child's play to it."