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She saw Rocheouart standing before her; Rupert Louth; other young men, all lively, handsome, ardent, bursting with life and the wish to enjoy. Was there ever a time when the human being could utterly forego the wish to enjoy? To her there seemed to be hidden in desire seeds of eternity. The struggle for her, then, was not yet over. Perhaps it would only cease in the grave. And after?

She did not change when I was blind and Barbara was lame. All these years I have been doubting her while her own assurance was in the house. "She thought she failed me the dear saint thought she failed. It must take me all eternity to atone to her for that. But she died loving me." His thought lingered fondly upon the words, then the tears streamed suddenly over his blind face.

Look forward beyond yon archway the block is fixed. Look behind thee, thou seest the axe already sharpened thy place for good or evil in the next world is already determined time flies eternity approaches. If thou hast aught to say, speak it freely if nought, confess the justice of thy sentence, and pass on to death."

I lay awake for a long time watching the square yard of stars that shone down through the hatch in our cabin ceiling like a little window looking into eternity, while the waters lapped and lapped outside, and the night talked strangely to itself.

Finding his disease increasing, and fearing, unless he hurried, that he might never reach home, he declined a longer visit. Clay, and, pressing it tenderly, said, "Farewell until eternity!" and bade the boy drive on. Mr. Clay found his note left in his hand, marked across the face, "Paid." On reaching home, his health seemed for a short time to rally; but he began again to sink.

It comprises also all those holy missionaries who, like the Apostles, preached Jesus crucified to the heathens, and brought them into the one true fold. These holy confessors, though not proclaimed doctors by the Church, nevertheless shine "as the stars for all eternity."

How can it enter into the Thoughts of Man, that the Soul, which is capable of such immense Perfections, and of receiving new Improvements to all Eternity, shall fall away into nothing almost as soon as it is created? Are such Abilities made for no Purpose?

The distrust of eternity at which our friend hints is perhaps the painfulest of his newly discovered differences between youth and age. Resting so serenely as it does in practically unlimited time, with ideals and desires which scarcely vary from year to year, youth has no fears of infinity.

"Your Highness," broke in Merapi in her honeyed, pleading voice, "I pray you to be gracious to me, and to suffer me to make this trial, which I have sought, I know not why. Words such as I have spoken cannot be recalled. Already they are registered in the books of Eternity, and soon or late, in this way or in that, must be fulfilled.

The Bible says that "all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone." Rev. 21:8. So telling lies is wrong and is a sin, as well as many other things that we will mention later. Jesus Destroys the Works of the Devil When we realize that we have sinned and know that sin will keep us away from living in eternity in the presence of God, we are filled with sorrow.