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The shouldering of a barrel of flour is a feat, by the way, which many an old inhabitant will tell you that he, or some friend of his, could accomplish in his eighteenth year. Why it should always be among the res gestæ temporis acti cannot be readily explained.

How little we either of us, my mother and I, saw into the future beyond a few immediate inches before our noses! Truly prudens futuri temporis exitum caliginosâ nocte premit Deus! And when I hear talk of "conduct making fate," I often think humbly and gratefully, I trust; marvelling, certainly, how far it could have

So will some unborn /laudator temporis acti/ speak in some dim century to be, when our sorrows have faded and are not. And yet, though we do not put a record of them in our Christmas numbers, troubles are as troubles have been and will continually be, for however apparently happy the lot of individuals, it is not altogether a cheerful world in which we have been called to live.

'The main practical interest of Hegel's philosophy, he says, 'is to be found in the abstract certainty which the logic gives us that all reality is rational and righteous, even when we cannot see in the least how it is so.... Not that it shows us how the facts around us are good, not that it shows us how we can make them better, but that it proves that they, like other reality, are sub specie eternitatis, perfectly good, and sub specie temporis, destined to become perfectly good.

While the Greeks conceived the world sub specie æternitatis, God is conceived by modern thought sub specie temporis. God's eternity is not a sort of arrested time in which there is no more life; it is, on the contrary, the maximum of life.

Moreover, no one dies before his hour: the time you leave behind was no more yours than that was lapsed and gone before you came into the world; nor does it any more concern you. "'Respice enim, quam nil ad nos anteacta vetustas Temporis aeterni fuerit. Wherever your life ends, it is all there.

Near Bridgetown, the capital of Barbadoes, I saw the metallic cuckoo already alluded to. Barbadoes is no longer the merry island it was when I visited it some years ago: Infelix habitum, temporis hujus habet.

True, later it had called him an "overbearing and insane procrastinator" "an apostle of absolutism" and, plum of all literary gleanings, since it left so much to the imagination of the native reader, "laudator temporis acti."

He is "laudator temporis acti" a "prophesier of things past." The old world is to him a crowded map; the new one a dull, hateful blank. He dotes on all well- authenticated superstitions; he shudders at the shadow of innovation. His retentiveness of memory, his accumulated weight of interested prejudice or romantic association have overlaid his other faculties.

That he had, in later life, a considerable knowledge of the subject is clear, but this may have been acquired like Mr. Micawber's, by experience, as defendant on civil process. We are inclined to think he read but little. Amici fures temporis: and he had many friends at Clement's Inn who were not smugs, nor, indeed, reading men in any sense.