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The plaintiffs declared that the cook had "sent to their rooms an apple-pie that could not be eaten." The defendant pleaded that he had a remarkably fine fillet of veal in the kitchen. Having set aside this plea on grounds obvious to the legal mind, and not otherwise then manifest to unlearned laymen, Mr.

When the witness answered to Bissell, that he told Myers after his arrest that they knew all about the larceny, but did not know who his accomplices were, and that if he would tell all about them he would undoubtedly be favored; and that then the defendant told his story.

That is, no six months period of residence is necessary at all, if the defendant happens to be there, or comes there for a reconciliation, to regain custody of children, to obtain a satisfactory property settlement, or for any other legitimate purpose, free from collusion. A celebrated case of this kind was tried at Minden, Nevada, in 1920.

If, after you have heard all this, you still think this man is innocent that he did not commit the crimes with which he is charged it is your business to acquit him. On the other hand, if you think the witnesses whom we shall put on the stand are telling the truth, then it is your business to convict him, to find a verdict for the people as against the defendant. I thank you for your attention."

Under these circumstances the defendant lied with an assurance that must have helped to convince himself; his friends arrived in the full number required by the law, and testified with cheerful mendacity in their companion's favour. The Basha listened with attention while the litigants swore strange oaths and abused each other very thoroughly.

The defendant did so. He had not a tooth in his head. The delay had been advantageously employed. The importance of mere delay to a guilty defendant cannot well be overestimated. "You never can tell what may happen to knock a case on the head." For this reason a sufficiently paid and properly equipped counsel will run the whole gamut of criminal procedure, and: 1. Demur to the indictment.

As Henry Leek he married, and as Henry Leek he recommenced the art of painting in Putney; he carried on the vocation several years without arousing the suspicions of a single person; and then by a curious coincidence immediately after my client threatened an action against the defendant he displayed himself in his true identity as Priam Farll.

And if it should be done by those who enjoy the wit of Voltaire, and who do not turn away from the sneers of Gibbon, and rather relish the irony of Hume, our feelings do not go with the prosecutors, and we are rather disposed to sympathise with the defendant.

The Plaintiff and the Defendant literally face their Judge, practically converse with him, and can tell their story in their own simple and natural way. It is a fact that the importance and usefulness of the country County Court has in most places far outgrown the arrangements made for it.

The Defendant declares that she does not know the date and cannot fix it it was a 'main bit ago, and that is all she can say. For the third time the Judge, patient to the last degree, wades through the account-book. Meanwhile the hands of the clock have moved on.

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