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I cannot read, mademoiselle, but if I know the name, I may find him even if the servant doesn't know." "It is addressed to Monsieur Richard Barrington," said Jeanne. The girl put the letter into her pocket, and patted her dress to emphasize the security of the hiding-place. "I'll go to-morrow. I have a holiday all day; that gives me plenty of time to find the man who loves mademoiselle.

Twyford had been for years encouraging the reporters to emphasize her social altitude, and had seen that they obtained her photographs at frequent intervals. But on this night she had gone up-town upon one of the few affairs for which she did not wish publicity.

To her I might have been favourably inclined because of her ignorance, had she not gloried in this, and tried to emphasize her difference from the others by a piquant ingenuousness. One day I discovered that she had plenty of wit, and straightway I abhorred her. Edmee alone preserved all the freshness of sincerity and all the distinction of natural grace.

In order to ensure Marduk's place, the relations of the other deities to him had to be regulated, the legends and traditions of the past reshaped, so as to be brought into consistent accord with the new order of things, and the cult likewise to be, at least in part, remodelled, so as to emphasize the supremacy of Marduk.

The Host of Souls was not then holding the western world; there was but a glint and flicker of their wings over Ireland as they passed elsewhere; there was no thorough entering in to take possession. If I emphasize over-much, it is because all this talk about 'inferior races, and because Ireland has come in for so much opprobrium, one way and another, on that score.

We may therefore dismiss as insignificant the contributions from this source of energy to the sum total. I have frequently used illustrations derived from machinery, but I want now to emphasize the profound distinction that exists between the rotation of the earth and the rotation of a fly-wheel in a machine shop.

Priests and laymen retreated into the house, and so did Barbara and the marquise. The latter had exposed herself to the tempest only long enough to emphasize the necessity of delivering the heretical night-bird to the Spanish Dominicans very early the next morning, and to show Barbara that she did not overlook the significance of the incidents under the lindens.

Elsewhere we are told of this same group of spirits 'that they were begotten in the mountain of sunset, i.e., in the west, 'and were reared in the mountain of sunrise, i.e., the east; 'that they dwell in the hollow of the earth, and that they are proclaimed on the mountain tops. Evidently a description of this kind is intended to emphasize the universal presence of the spirits.

To emphasize further the necessity of emigration to Africa the advocates of deportation to foreign soil generally referred to the condition of the migrating Negroes as a case in evidence. "So long," said one, "as you must sit, stand, walk, ride, dwell, eat and sleep here and the Negro there, he cannot be free in any part of the country."

One cannot, however, sufficiently emphasize the fact that these far- reaching results can be brought about only by humor quite distinct from the broader fun and hilarity which have also their use in an educational scheme. From my own experience, I have learned that development of humor is with most children extremely slow.

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