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"One, two, three, four, five," he counted briskly. "I would seek to interrupt to advise, oh, Miss Lady!" chattered Iki. "His voice has the sound of bloodthirstiness." "Six, seven, eight, nine ten," counted Packard. Terry sniffed. He leaned out, she saw the glint of the moon upon his revolver. She threw out her clutch and jammed down both brakes, hard. Steve swung out and down to the ground.

If the glint of the sovereign and its clink in the pocket are the dearest sight and sound to British eyes and ears, America has equal affection for her dollars, in both countries alike chink and glint standing with most, for the best things life holds.

This place isn't so big." Then that quick glint of her eye was explained the flash before the discharge. "Perhaps your friends are just coming back," she said. "Lady Tybar." The vision of his dark anger broke away. Mute while he watched it, immediately it lifted its head and answered her own. "Look here " he began; and stopped.

The thing on the ground, regaining for a fraction of a second a glint of half-consciousness, quivered, moaned feebly, and lay still again. Humanity prevailing, the Poles looked about for help, but as yet the place was quite deserted.

At this moment a two-legged cyclone burst upon the scene in the person of Johnny Nelson, whose rage had been worked up almost to the weeping point because he had lost so much time hunting for the crevice where it was not. Seeing Juan fall, and the glint of knives, he started in to clean things up, yelling, "I'm a ghost! I'm a ghost! Take 'em alive! Take 'em alive!"

She could no longer see across the expanse of park land which surrounded Gablehurst. She drew the curtains at last with gentle hands, and piled up the logs upon the hearth. There was a glint of something in her eyes not altogether accounted for by the tears in them. It was a sparkle which bespoke wounded sensibility something approaching to anger.

"Down in the Earl's wine-cellar again, sampling 'em up, eh?" The second footman bowed awkwardly, and was about to pass into the dining-room when Holmes caught the glint of something sparkling in his left hand. "Stop right where you are, MacTavish!" Holmes shouted commandingly, "and show me your left paw so I can see what you are trying to carry away with you.

His memory, though conveniently porous at times, was for the most part excellent. "What is he doing?" asked the Baron with an ominous glint of his fine eyes.

"I've thought that several hundred thousand times myself, this morning." "Have ye as much as got a glint of her eye to-day?" "No. I can't compete against the Church with women. Any fool knows that, even as big a fool as I." "Tush, youngster! Don't take to licking your raw tongue up and down the cynic's saw edge! Put a spur to your broncho there and ride ahead with her."

As they passed the Grizzly's den their lanterns awoke in his eyes a glint of fire. In the morning the cook, beginning his day, heard strange sounds in the yard. They came from the Grizzly's den: "Hyar, you, lay over dahr," in sleepy tones; then a deep, querulous grunting. The cook went as close as he dared and peeped in.