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"If he had," Lady Ruth said, with her eyes fixed upon the carpet, "the sympathy would have been the other way. He would have got off with a much lighter sentence, and you would not have married me!" "Good God!" Barrington muttered. "You see," Lady Ruth continued, resting her hand upon her husband's coat sleeve, "the thing happened all in a second.

Barrington was charming, and Miss Arran had so many nice quiet ways, that she had insensibly copied; her low toned voice, her never seeming to hurry and yet going about any matter as if it was the first thing to be done; her little orderly methods.

Whilst they were thus occupied they caught sight of Barrington, whom they hailed with evident pleasure born of the recollection of certain gifts of pennies and cakes they had at different times received from him. 'Hello, Mr Barrington, said the two boys in a breath. 'Hello, replied Barrington, as he patted the baby's cheek. 'What's the matter here? What's Freddie crying for?

J.B. Barrington, brother of Sir Charles Barrington, a name of might in Mid-Ireland. He said, "Someone in our neighbourhood went about getting signatures to a petition against the Home Rule Bill. Among others who signed it was Captain Croker's carpenter, who since then has been waylaid and severely beaten. Another case occurring in the same district was even harder.

Barrington pointed to the still visible outlines of the 'Hoblong' that Owen had drawn on the wall to illustrate a previous lecture. 'Even under the present silly system of restricted production, with the majority of the population engaged in useless, unproductive, unnecessary work, and large numbers never doing any work at all, there is enough produced to go all round after a fashion.

A change had been made shortly before in the command of the Leeward Islands Station, as it was called, which extended from Antigua southward over the Lesser Antilles with headquarters at Barbados. Rear-Admiral the Hon. Samuel Barrington, the new-comer, leaving home before war had been declared, had orders not to quit Barbados till further instructions should arrive.

Sir Jonah Barrington seems to think it a natural propensity. He says, "The moment any two animals, however fond before, are fastened together by a chain they cannot break, they begin to quarrel without any apparent reason, and peck each other solely because they cannot get loose again."

Ever since his interview with Barrington, he had persuaded himself that in it he had laid the foundations of party reunion; and he had since been eagerly scanning the signs of slow change in the attitude of the party paper, combined as they had been up to this very day with an unbroken personal loyalty to Ferrier.

"I I quite forgot you didn't know. . . . Broken between the knee and the hip," he added, turning to Barrington. "I thought it merely paresis of the muscles until " "Where is he?" put in Kenny sharply. "What room?" "There are only two rooms here," said Doctor Cole. "The stairway's yonder." "Just a minute, Kenny." Frank checked him with a gesture. "I'm going up first with Doctor Cole."

"I beg your pardon," exclaimed Frank, as Captain Hazzard looked up, "but I have picked up a most important message by wireless, two men, in an airship, are in deadly peril not far from us." The two commanders instantly became interested. "An airship!" cried Captain Hazzard. "What's that!" exclaimed Captain Barrington. "Did they give you their position?" he added quickly.

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