Odo, too impatient to await the next reunion of the Honey-Bees, sought out and frequented those among the members whose conversation had chiefly attracted him. They were grave men, of studious and retiring habit, leading the frugal life of the Italian middle-class, a life in dignified contrast to the wasteful and aimless existence of the nobility.

But the places that knew him best were the offices of the newspapers and the vestibules of the hotels the big marble-paved chambers of informal reunion which offer to the streets, through high glass plates, the sight of the American citizen suspended by his heels.

We ourselves had to write a farewell letter, among others, to our daughter, born in Siam, from whom we had been separated except for short periods of furlough spent in England, for twelve years. It seemed very hard that after this long separation, and just when we were looking forward to a joyful and fairly speedy reunion, we should perhaps never see her again.

A blazing torch illuminated a round hole about seventy feet above our heads, and Holman and I immediately remained quiet so that the big scoundrel would be in ignorance of the reunion. There was no possibility of the torchlight making our presence known. It would take a score of torches to enable him to see us.

"We watched him," says Crockett, "until he seemed no larger than a rat, and finally disappeared in the distance." Adventures on the Prairie. Disappearance of the Bee Hunter. The Herd of Buffalo Crockett lost. The Fight with the Cougar. Approach of Savages. Their Friendliness. Picnic on the Prairie. Picturesque Scene. The Lost Mustang recovered. Unexpected Reunion. Departure of the Savages.

Each one comes inscribed "no more;" and yet each one, too, is a pledge of reunion. But there are invisible relics of our lost ones more precious than the book, the pictures, or the vase. Let us treasure them in our hearts. Let us bind to our hearts the patience which they will never need again; the fortitude in suffering which belonged only to this suffering state.

"I must let you know, says he, that I have seen here Hugo Grotius. He is a man of admirable probity and learning ." They had long conversations together on religion. Casaubon ardently desired a reunion of the Protestants with the Roman Catholics : and would have set about it, had he staid longer in France, as he informed Descordes, who repeated it to Grotius.

Their house too became the centre of many a reunion, and a Mecca to which many a literary pilgrim and social, scientific, and political celebrity turned his steps when travelling by way of Trieste. There is no better description of the Burtons' life at Trieste at this time than that which appeared in The World in 1877, written by Burton's old Oxford friend, Mr. Alfred Bates Richards.

On the morning of August 6, 1885, a small party of ladies and gentlemen set forth from Shreveport to attend the Confederate reunion at Dallas, Texas. The gentlemen of the party were veteran soldiers, and your correspondent claimed like honors. In congenial companionship the day passed quickly. Its close brought us to Dallas.

Willie was anxious that an early day should be appointed for our marriage; but I was unwilling that our marriage should take place until the ensuing spring. I wished not so suddenly to leave my uncle for the long wedding tour which Willie had in contemplation. Laura and Georgania, accompanied by their husbands, came at Christmas to visit their parents. It was indeed a joyful family reunion.