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Since girls are more cunning, cleverer and more curious than boys, their secret meetings and their conversations, which all the art of their teachers cannot check, are necessarily presided over by a genius a thousand times more informal than that of college boys. What man has ever heard the moral reflections and the corrupting confidences of these young girls?

Of course I shall have a great many conversations to report, and they will necessarily be of different tone and on different subjects. The talks are like the breakfasts, sometimes dipped toast, and sometimes dry. You must take them as they come. How can I do what all these letters ask me to? No. 1. wants serious and earnest thought. No. 2.

EASY POETRY for CHILDREN; selected by a Lady. 1s. 6d. EASY GRAMMAR for CHILDREN. By a Lady. 9d. SIMPLE TALES for CHILDREN. With many Cuts. 1s. THE CHILD'S GUIDE TO GOOD BREEDING, founded on Christian Principles, By Mrs. MARSHALL. 2s. 6d. THE FIRST LIE. By the same. 6d. THE FIRST THEFT. By the same. 6d. ANNETTE MOWBRAY; or, Conversations with Mama. By the same. 3s.

Such informations you may very easily get, by proper inquiries, of every state in Germany if you will but prefer useful to frivolous conversations.

They are, in the mean time, affectionate in their carriage, and in their conversations, pay a mutual attention and regard, says Charlevoix, more tender and more engaging, than what we profess in the ceremonial of polished societies. This writer has observed, that the nations among whom he travelled in North America, never mentioned acts of generosity or kindness under the notion of duty.

In fact, when I recognized you a minute ago, I was not quite sure that you would renew our acquaintance." "I had exactly the same doubt about you." "A very unnecessary doubt. Not a sincere one, I am afraid. You know too well that your least beck will bring me to you at any time." "Dont you think we had better not begin that. I generally repeat my conversations to Ned.

But she could not support two heads for Great Serbia. One must go. England must not hob-nob with Montenegro. This was the first definite outside sign that there was to be a struggle between Serbia and Montenegro. France's military policy was tied fast to Russia's. And in December of that year 1905 we know now that "military conversations" were begun between France and England.

I can't remember the name of the last hospital I was at...." Ah, these hurried conversations sandwiched between my duties, when in four sentences the distilled essence of bitterness is dropped into my ear! "Sister, what will they do with Palmer?" "They are going to discharge him. They won't operate." "But what will happen to him?" "I don't know."

The men especially sought her society; for although womanly, and more so than many around her, the habitual subject of their conversations pleased her better than those of persons of her own sex, and she therein exhibited a solidity of understanding, a correctness of view, together with a perfect lucidity of expression which captivated the Roman nobles, and made them feel it a satisfaction to submit their ideas to her, and hear her discuss them.

At the time that what did become generally known was fresh in people's minds Jem and I were not by way of being admitted to "grown-up" conversations; and though Mrs. Wood's husband and I became intimate friends, I neither wished nor dared to ask him more about his past than he chose to tell, for I knew enough to know that it must be a most intolerable pain to recall it.

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