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Mohammed possessed great poetical talent; an endowment so highly esteemed by his countrymen, that they were in the habit of assembling at Mecca to pronounce judgment on the different poems affixed by their respective authors to the walls of the temple of tie Caaba; and the individual in whose favour the popular voice decided was crowned with great solemnity.

From the uttermost parts of the earth they would come Penhallows by birth, and Penhallows by marriage and Penhallows by ancestry. East Grafton was the ancient habitat of the race, and Penhallow Grange, where "old" John Penhallow lived, was a Mecca to them. As for the family itself, the exact kinship of all its various branches and ramifications was a hard thing to define.

In Mecca, in the year 571, Mahomet was born, and here, at the age of forty, he proclaimed himself the prophet of God, in dignity as superior to Christ as Christ had been to Moses. Having obtained by slow degrees a considerable number of disciples, he resorted to arms to diffuse his religion.

Though preferring Shelby, Tom agreed to Claxon on my insisting on the latter place, which was the Mecca for runaway couples from our section of the state. If I were going with them "Going with them?" The inflection in Selwyn's voice was hardly polite. "You don't intend " "Yes, I do.

He was the founder of the Mohammedan religion, and his doctrine, Islamism, which he proclaimed to the Arabs, has since spread over so many countries in the Old World that its adherents now number 217 millions. To all the followers of Islam a pilgrimage to Mecca is a most desirable undertaking.

'Unhappy sons of Koreidha, who made war upon the Prophet, and who live in cities! said Sheikh Hassan, taking a fresh pipe. 'And perhaps, said the young Emir, 'if you had not been children of Jethro, you might have acknowledged him of Mecca, Sheikh of Sheikhs. 'There is but one God, said Amalek; 'but there may be many prophets. It becomes not a son of jethro to seek other than Moses.

It states that 'Ali Muḥammad was present at Karbala from the death of the Master, that he came to an understanding with members of the school, and that after starting certain miracle-stories, all of them proceeded to Mecca, to fulfil the predictions which connected the Prophet-Messiah with that Holy City, where, with bared sabre, he would summon the peoples to the true God.

This room of mine soon became a Mecca for the most irrepressible and loquacious characters in the ward. But I soon schooled myself to shut my ears to the incoherent prattle of my unwelcome visitors. Occasionally, some of them would become obstreperous perhaps because of my lordly order to leave the room.

Moreover, these visits from the outside world brought pleasure and satisfaction to the smaller world about the fort. In the month of May, 1823, occurred an event which was epochal, not only in regard to the commercial development of the Northwest, but also in respect to the growth of the upper Mississippi as a Mecca for travellers.

A few years ago the southern part of the Silver State was considered utterly worthless and a region to be shunned like a charnel-house, on account of its barren and dangerous character. Now it is the Mecca of the gold-seeker. These mines have already made many a poor man wealthy and many a wealthy man a millionaire.

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