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The maid's eyes sparkled with excitement. "I wish they would speak, or laugh, or do something," she whispered to Father Claude, "Are they not interested? They hardly seem to hear him." The priest looked at her gravely. "Yes," he replied, "they are listening." The time had come to speak of La Grange. The Captain had been steadily leading up to this moment.

'I hoped I should find her at the Grange in the morning, Harry. I slept on it, rather than startle the poor lamb in the night. I offered him to accompany him at once to Heriot's quarters. 'What! and let my wife know I doubted her fidelity. My girl shall never accuse me of that.

"And you are a good, dear daughter," replied Sir John, with almost enthusiasm; "you never complain of the dull life I give you at the Grange." "The life is not dull, father." "My dear, my dear," Sir John patted Hester's long slim fingers as they rested on his arm, "I was young once myself and I know what youth wants, and I have seen other girls, and I know what my girl requires.

He wrote upwards of 50 novels in a brisk, breezy style, of which the best known are perhaps The Romance of War , Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp, Frank Hilton, Bothwell, Harry Ogilvie, and The Yellow Frigate. He also wrote biographies of Kirkcaldy of Grange, Montrose, and others which, however, are not always trustworthy from an historical point of view.

In the spring they fished the free water of the Whittle, the little trout-stream that runs through the estate of the Morgans of Muttle Deeping Grange. The free water runs for rather more than half a mile on the Little Deeping side of Muttle Deeping; and the Twins fished it with an assiduity and a skill which set the villagers grumbling that they left no fish for any one else.

I determined, therefore, to abandon my campaign into the interior with Columbus as a base, and returned to La Grange and Grand Junction destroying the road to my front and repairing the road to Memphis, making the Mississippi river the line over which to draw supplies. Pemberton was falling back at the same time.

I flung my arms round his neck and caressed him, and in those anxious minutes in the doorway of Ellerton Grange he was comrade and sweetheart to me, and comforted my spirit greatly. Footsteps and a voice within made me turn my head. A man came at a run down the stairs and along the hall. After him the old serving-man hastened, lantern in hand, as best he could. "Sir James Blount?" said I.

In consequence of this calamity, the projected journey was of course deferred; and when autumn and the shooting season came, the baron was unwilling to leave the well-stocked preserves of the Grange.

That was to be a feast indeed all the Abbotstoke children all Flora's class at Stoneborough, and as many Cocksmoor scholars as could walk so far, were to dine on Christmas fare, at one o'clock, at the Grange, and Meta was in haste to be at home to superintend the feast. Mary, Blanche, and Aubrey, went with her, under the keeping of Miss Bracy, the boys were to follow.

The exterior had little to recommend it. It was an irregular old-fashioned building, some part of which had belonged to a grange, or solitary farm-house, inhabited by the bailiff, or steward, of the monastery, when the place was in possession of the monks.