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Gibbons there, he and I to see an organ at the Dean of Westminster's lodgings at the Abby, the Bishop of Rochester's; where he lives like a great prelate, his lodgings being very good; though at present under great disgrace at Court, being put by his Clerk of the Closet's place. I saw his lady, of whom the 'Terrae Filius' of Oxford was once so merry; Mr.

"Benedicat te Omnipotens Deus, Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus," he said, making the Sign of the Cross. Up at the castle, Cardinal Udeschini was walking backwards and forwards on the terrace, reading his Breviary. Beatrice was seated under the white awning, at the terrace-end, doing some kind of needlework.

Jay, look at the drunken minister coming out of the maternity hospal! Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, Pater et Filius. A make, mister. The Denzille lane boys. Hell, blast ye! Scoot. Righto, Isaacs, shove em out of the bleeding limelight. Yous join uz, dear sir? No hentrusion in life. Lou heap good man. Allee samee dis bunch. En avant, mes enfants! Fire away number one on the gun. Burke's! Burke's!

Then God, the Father, speaks, and the Holy Ghost descends, in the form of a white dove, upon the head of Jesus, and then returns into Paradise: and note that the words of God the Father be very audibly pronounced and well sounded in three voices, that is to say, a treble, a counter-treble and a counter-bass, all in tune; and in this way must the following lines be repeated: 'Hic est filius meus dilectus, In quo mihi bene complacui.

"Meus filius magnus asinus." That was a fine acknowledgment from a father. "Nescit pensum nunquam scit." Then he discontinued to speak of the young student, and pantomimically described something, from which I gathered that "meus filius," on this occasion was condemned to starve, until he had learnt his lessons, and was confined to his room. This was no pleasant idea to me.

The son of BUFFON one day surprised his father by the sight of a column, which he had raised to the memory of his father's eloquent genius. It is a pillar of marble bearing this inscription: "Excelsæ turris humilia columna, Parenti suo filius Buffon. 1785." Fathers absorbed in their occupations can but rarely attract their offspring.

The following epitaph, in memory of their father, who was interred in the church of St. Mary Woolnoth, is here inserted, as having been written by Mr. Pepys: Jacobus Houblon Londin. Petri filius, Ob fidem Flandria exulantis: Ex C. Nepotibus habuit LXX superstites: Filios V. videns mercatores florentissimos; Ipse Londinensis Bursae Pater. 19th. Mr.

Then came on the scene Junius Norbanus, consul by rank, and a true democrat, who brought in a law, carried it, and gave them their freedom. In exchange, they gave him immortality. Henceforward, did a slave obtain a few kind words from his master over his wine? he was a Junian Latin. Was he described as 'filius meus' in a public document? Junian Latin.

Was the epithet, as you well term it, filius nullius?" "I rather think it was nullus though I do believe the word filius was muttered, once or twice, also." "Yes, sir, this has been the case; and I am not sorry Sir Wycherly is aware of the fact, as I hear that the young man affects to consider himself in a different point of view.

Et quia cum propriis nominibus habebant cognomen Can, primogenitus pro differentia obtinuit nomen Grand Can, id est, Magnus Can, videlicit supra caeteros fratres, qui sibi in omnibus obediebant. Itaque iste secundus Imperator vocabatur Ochoto Can. Post quem filius eius regnauit dictus Guican.

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