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I sat down on the grave, and read over and over again the epitaph on the stone. It was simple, but it was true. I had written it myself. I had tried to write a poetical epitaph, but in vain; my feelings refused to utter themselves in rhyme. My heart had gradually been filling during my lonely wanderings; it was now charged to the brim and overflowed.

"Shame to me; he would not have forgotten me." "Monsieur," his son said, "it was no negligence of yours. You could have saved him only by following when he ran. And that was impossible." "In sight of the door," Monsieur said sadly. "In sight of his own door." We held silent. Monsieur got soberly to his feet. "I never lost a better man." "Monsieur," I cried, "he asks no better epitaph.

Browne has another claim to immortality; if it be true as is now thought that he was the author of the epitaph on the Countess of Pembroke: "Underneath this sable hearse Lies the subject of all verse, Sidney's sister, Pembroke's mother. Death, ere thou hast slain another Fair and learned and good as she, Time shall throw a dart at thee."

"It is all very well now, with people who know the capacities of mortal tea; but the boys expect it to last from seven o'clock to ten, through an unlimited number of cups, till I have announced that a teapot must be carved on my tombstone, with an epitaph, 'Died of unreasonable requirements." Mrs.

Sapsea pointed it out as if he himself had invented and built it: there were a few details indeed of which he did not approve, but those he glossed over, as if the workmen had made mistakes in his absence. The Cathedral disposed of, he led the way by the churchyard, and stopped to extol the beauty of the evening by chance in the immediate vicinity of Mrs. Sapsea's epitaph.

But in The Vision he accounts for his failings as arising from his artist's temperament. The muse tells him, I saw thy pulses' maddening play, Wild, send thee Pleasure's devious way, And yet the light that led astray Was light from Heaven. And in A Bard's Epitaph he reveals himself as the pathetic, misguided poet who has been a favorite in verse ever since his time.

In a fine passage he thus described what the position of the Cabinet would have been if they had shrunk from their duty: "What sort of epitaph would have been written over their remains?

She held out to me wealth and position, a peaceful home for my old age, and a grave with a pompous, pious epitaph at Bakewell church, in death. When I was compelled to leave Scotland, circumstances forced me to a decision, and my resolution was quickly taken. I would go to Derbyshire and would marry Dorothy. I did not expect ever again to feel great love for a woman.

I hope, at least, they would have put the cause of my death in my epitaph 'Died, of an Englishman, John Russelton, Esq., aged, Pah! You are not engaged, Mr. Pelham; dine with me to-day; Willoughby and his umbrella are coming." "Volontiers," said I, "though I was going to make observations on men and manners at the table d'hote of my hotel." "I am most truly grieved," replied Mr.

And that was thy epitaph, old soldier; that thy requiem, honest Blodgett, from friend and foe alike, "He was a brave man." Captain John Paul Jones "You would better spread a little more canvas, Mr. Seymour. I think we shall do better under the topgallantsails. We have no time to lose."