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It was true that before his final downfall he had only felt the actual necessity of stimulant coincidently with the awakening of his wondrous but strangely heavy muse; but during the past five years he had burnt out tormenting thoughts and remorse with alcohol, drinking but the more deeply when his familiar throbbed dully and demanded release. He could not look ahead.

That my muse was socialistic seems to me now to have been mainly accidental, but so it was, and its nutriment had been drawn largely from such sources as Carpenter's Civilization: its Cause and Cure, in addition to the standard works of the Socialist leaders.

"Well, did the editor print them, Uncle Frank?" Hold on, my dear fellow. You are quite too fast. As I said, when the lines to somebody or something were sent to the editor, I was in a perfect fever. I could hardly wait for Wednesday to come, the day on which the paper was to be issued the paper which was to be the medium of the first acquaintance of my muse with "a discerning public."

Just then Zeus snored, the Eagle drew His head the wing from under; Zeus snored, o'er startled Greece there flew The many-volumed thunder; Some augurs counted nine, some, ten, Some said, 'twas war, some, famine, And all, that other-minded men Would get a precious . Proud Pallas sighed, "It will not do; Against the Muse I've sinned, oh!"

Like fragrance wafted away by the wind they were dispersed by a single breath of the spring. Then I was filled with a lively fear that it was the Muse that had taken advantage of my solitude and possessed me the witch had evidently come to ruin a poor devil like myself making a living by collecting cotton duties.

Very often it shall happen that his mind will lie fallow between novels or stories for weeks and months at a stretch; when the suggestions of the friendly editor shall fail to fruit in the essays or articles desired; when the muse shall altogether withhold herself, or shall respond only in a feeble dribble of verse which he might sell indeed, but which it would not be good business for him to put on the market.

He desires comfort in it, and only the beautiful is comfortable to him. Whatever would disturb harmony offends his eye, and to secure the noblest ornament of his house he need not invite any stranger to cross its threshold. The Muse, the best of assistants, joins him unbidden. Leonax, Barine's father, had been thus aided to transform the interior of his house into a very charming residence.

He was not the only boy that has enjoyed Shakespeare at the age of ten, but that he should have found interest in Spenser's "Faerie Queene" is somewhat exceptional. Even among professed litterateurs there are few that read that long allegory, and still fewer who enjoy it; and yet Miss Manning assures us that Hawthorne would muse over it for hours.

And "while I was musing the fire burned" more fiercely than ever David's had occasion when he wrote those words, "Then spake I with my tongue." I would have liked to do that. But I could do nothing; only pray. I was very much startled while I sat in my muse to hear a footstep coming.

Philip was waiting at the front door, with his essays and his prose symphonies and his satirical novel the satire of a young man is apt to be very bitter but it was as tightly shut against him as if a publisher and not the muse of literature kept the door.

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