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"Well, it suddenly struck me to-day, as I was crossing the Rue des Bons Enfants, that it was the same young man whom I saw on that terrible night, of which I cannot think without trembling." "What folly!" said Bathilde, trembling, however, herself.

Lory laughed, and shouted back Yes I am coming." "See," cried a sergeant, who was gathering recruits as he went "see! there is one who has fought, and is going to fight again! Vive la France, mes enfants! Who comes? Who comes?" And the soldiers, looking up, gave a cheer for the wounded man who was to lead them.

It was carried by two "enfants de choeur," preceded by the beadle with his cocked hat and staff and followed by two small girls with lighted tapers. The "enfants de choeur" were not in their festal attire of red soutanes and red shoes only in plain black.

Standing in the car-door listening intently was a French maid and two round-faced, wide-collared boys, of say ten and twelve. The dispute was evidently over these two boys, as every attack contained some direct allusion to "mes enfants" or "these children" or "die Kinder," ending in the forefinger of each speaker being thrust bayonet fashion toward the boys.

The child is a very curious imaginative child, but too excitable for his age, that's all I complain of ... God bless you, my much loved friend. Write to Your ever affectionate E.B.B. What books by Soulié have appeared since his death? Do you remember? I have just got 'Les Enfants de l'Amour, by Sue. I suppose he will prove in it the illegitimacy of legitimacy, and vice versâ.

M. Renan, with his saintly ironical sympathy for the young and weak, knew it when he excused the symbolists and decadents of various kinds with that indulgent sentence, "Ce sont des enfants qui s'amusent."

"And without alloy, with the effigy of King Charles II. Doubloons which are worth forty-eight francs if they are worth a penny, and which run from his pockets like a stream, poor dear fellow." "And when did he begin to sweat gold?" "The day after the regent was nearly carried off in the Rue des Bons Enfants. Do you understand the apologue, gossip?"

"This evening, at eight o'clock, I will come for you; we will go to the Rue des Bons Enfants together. To me the locality is eloquent." "Ah! ah!" said D'Harmental, "I see; so near the Palais Royal, he will go on foot.

Lifting himself on his hands, his head thrown back, he sent the singing voice that the veterans of the Prussian Guard had heard at Marengo out of the cloud as Kellerman's Green Brigade roared down on them he sent it swinging over grass and knoll, "A la maison, mes enfants!" Kit did not hesitate. Dirk in hand, he leapt at the head flashing in the sun.

Well, toodle-oo, mes enfants. Be careful with those Spads. They were built for flyers." "You be careful that you don't fall out of that motor cycle side car on the way back," Yancey retorted. "They look like baby carriages, but they're not." As Smoot walked away, stung by this last retort, Yancey turned to Hampden and Siddons. "How'd you like to have a flyer like that in this outfit?" he asked.