"Your honour," answered he, "may call me coward, or anything else you please. If loving to sleep in a whole skin makes a man a coward, non immunes ab illis malis sumus. I never read in my grammar that a man can't be a good man without fighting. Vir bonus est quis? Qui consulta patrum, qui leges juraque servat.

But a traitor by the name of Ephialtes who knew the little byways of Malis guided a regiment of Persians through the hills and made it possible for them to attack Leonidas in the rear. Near the Warm Wells the Thermopylae a terrible battle was fought. When night came Leonidas and his faithful soldiers lay dead under the corpses of their enemies.

There is comfort in evading, one while this, another while that, of the evils that are levelled at ourselves too, at last, but at present hurt others only about us; as also, that in matters of public interest, the more universally my affection is dispersed, the weaker it is: to which may be added, that it is half true: "Tantum ex publicis malis sentimus, quantum ad privatas res pertinet;"

Sir Robert Somerset and your lady mother were amply satisfied with the account which his lordship gave of my character; but with all this, in one point every man is vulnerable. No scholar can forget those lines of the poet: 'Felices ter, et amplius, Quos irrupta tenet copula; nec malis Divulsus quærimoniis, Supremâ citius solvet amor die. It has been my misfortune that I have felt them.

There is a cynical morsel among these precepts which is worth observing, "Cito enim arescit lachryma præsertim in alienis malis;" and another grandly simple, "Nihil enim est aliud eloquentia nisi copiose loquens sapientia."

Turner fingered the seal upon his fob, with its motto "Tu ne cede malis," and smiled blandly, as he always did when it was brought to his recollection that he had won more than soldiers' battles when the odds against him were three to one. "I was just telling Mr.

But as to cowardice, it is certain that the most usual way of chastising it is by ignominy and and it is supposed that this practice brought into use by the legislator Charondas; and that, before his time, the laws of Greece punished those with death who fled from a battle; whereas he ordained only that they be for three days exposed in the public dressed in woman's attire, hoping yet for some service from them, having awakened their courage by this open shame: "Suffundere malis homims sanguinem, quam effundere."

"It is," answered he, "because only this last affliction was to be manifested by tears, the two first far exceeding all manner of expression." "Diriguisse malis," thereby to express that melancholic, dumb, and deaf stupefaction, which benumbs all our faculties, when oppressed with accidents greater than we are able to bear.

An ancient proverb makes the happiness of this life to consist in wishing to be what we are and nothing more. Quod sis esse velis, nihilque malis. Blessed Francis who, in his own opinion, had already risen too high in the hierarchy of the Church, turned his thoughts rather to giving up his dignities than to seeking promotion.

"Everything grow there," he answered, spreading out his hands: "pomegranates, bamboo, mangoes, bananas, sago palm, cocoanut palm, magnolia everything. I go to-morrow, I engage malis; I have all ready for the Sahib." "Very well, I trust you with it all. I shall keep on this house just as it is, and leave most of the servants here.