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Porson, in his witty Panegyrical Epistle on Hawkins v. Henry IV, act iv. sc. 5. 'Tibullus addressed Cynthia in this manner: "Te spectem, suprema, mihi cum venerit hora, Te teneam moriens deficiente mamu. Lib. i. El. Before my closing eyes dear Cynthia stand, Held weakly by my fainting, trembling hand." Johnson's Works, iv. 35. He was in Parliament, but he had never spoken.

He also added that the emissaries of the Pharaoh were everywhere looking for Tahoser, the daughter of the high-priest Petamounoph, who had disappeared from her palace. "You see that I was right, mistress," said Thamar, triumphantly. "Hora and Tahoser are one and the same person." "That may be," replied Poëri, "but there are a number of difficulties which my reason does not explain.

I've heard you are a scholard," said Dick, "but you won't make out this; there's some new preparation of mercury, and there's musk, and there's horehound, and there's a neutral salt: and dal his old head that wrote it!" "Hold your jaw, and listen, while I construe it to you. 'Die Mercurii, on Wednesday decima hora vespertina, at ten o'clock at night eat in Musca: what does that mean?

The first disciples believed that they had the Master's authority for expecting the end of the existing world-order in their own lifetime. They believed that He had come forward with the cry of 'Hora novissima! Whether they misunderstood Him or not, they clearly could not have held this opinion if they had received instructions for the constitution of a Church.

"Why, you may die if you ride on the king's business, but so may I who sit at home and eat my heart." "For whom?" "I will tell you that to-morrow." Villon touched her lightly on the wrist and pointed to the grey tower on whose weather-beaten wall the quaint old dial showed plainly in the bright moonlight, with its wise Latin inscription: "Dum Spectas, Fugit Hora, Carpe Diem."

He repeated several times, "Nunc et in hora mortis", then said, "Oh, my God, come to my aid: hasten to succour me." These were his last words.

"Vaya usted con dios!" said the Spaniard, bowing him out; "or I should rather say," he added to himself, "Vaya mucho en mala hora!" Disgrace. Sir Jocelyn was not without great uneasiness at the result of his interview with De Gondomar.

*el mismo que viste y calza*: 'fine and dandy'; 'as big as life. The correct expression is *vestido y calzado*. *A buena hora, mangas verdes*: 'nice time for that. Cf. the similar expression *buenas son mangas después de pascua* 'it's high time, but better late than never.

And "Hora mystica" and "Music for Four Stringed Instruments," which have a certain stylistic unity, nevertheless reveal the composer hampered by the Gregorian and scholastic idiom which he has sought to assimilate. Nor has he ever had the power to express and objectify himself completely, and achieve vital form. In performance, most of his works shrink and dwindle.

By-and-by, as you approach the town, you see on your left the dilapidated towers of Dobrawska Hora, an extensive pile, built, as we were told, early in the thirteenth century, and owned and inhabited, in 1616, by Count Kinsky, Wallenstein's brother-in-law.

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